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What Can We Do with Windows Password Recovery

As is known, general Windows password recovery tool could reset Windows password without accessing computer. But besides this, whether what else can it do for us? And how does it do that? Follow this passage to get detailed information.

Windows password recovery is an all-in-one Windows password recovery tool for all Windows operating systems, not only recovering, resetting, removing user accounts password, but also creating new accounts.

1. How to remove, reset, recover Windows password?

Step 1: Download and install iSunshare Windows password recovery tool on another accessible computer.
Step 2: Create a Windows password reset disk. There are two ways to create it.

First way: Create by USB device with Windows Password Genius.

create reset disk with usb

Second way:Create by CD/DVD-ROM with Windows Password Genius.
Operation process is the same as the above. Just take CD/DVD-ROM intead of writable USB flash drive.

create password reset disk with cd

Step 3: Insert the Windows password reset disk into your locked computer and set the computer to boot from CD/DVD-ROM or USB drive.

Step 4: Reset password to be blank or create new user accounts

2. How to create new account?


Addtional Information: How to create new account and new password in Control Panel

Remove, Reset or Recover Password: Select "start" > "Control panel" > "User Accounts and Family Safety" > User Account > Change your Windows password

change or remove password with control panel

Create a new account: Select "Start" > "Control panel" > "User Accounts and Family Safety" > "Use Accounts" > "Add or remove user accounts"

create new account with control panel

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