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BIOS Password

How to Set BIOS Password for Thinkpad

With the purpose of protecting the Thinkpad safety and preventing information leakage, more and more people intend to set a BIOS password to their Thinkpad. Do you know how to set it? If you don’t, read and study the ways introduced in the following sections of this text. In the BIOS setup interface of the […]

How to Remove Power on Password for IBM Thinkpad Laptop

When searching computer power on password in the Internet, you may find that a large number of people want to know how to remove it. In fact, for different brands of computers, the ways to delete power on password may be similar or diverse. So this text will show you how to remove power on […]

How to Change BIOS Password for Acer Laptop

“Not long ago, I set a BIOS password to my Acer laptop. Now, I find that it is difficult for me to remember it, so I would like to change it to a catchy one. Can anybody tell me how to change BIOS password?” I find the question in the Internet and would like to […]

How to Set Power On Password to HP Laptop

Apart from setting an administrator password (in Control Panel) as a power on password to your HP laptop, what else will you do to guarantee the computer safety and prevent others from using your computer without permission? Setting a BIOS password which is also a power on password to computers is another advisable method to […]

How to Set BIOS Password to Your Computer

Do you know what is BIOS password? The BIOS password is one of the power-on passwords for all kinds of computers, and is set in the BIOS. It can help you keep your computer safe. At this moment, you may ask how to set a BIOS password. And this text will take setting BIOS password […]

How to Remove BIOS Password

As it is known to us, BIOS password is useful in protecting computer safety and can stop other people from changing BIOS setting as well as booting the computer system. However, what should we do if we forgot the BIOS password to our computers? This article will recommend the following 3 ways to remove BIOS […]