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Top 5 Free Windows 7 Password Recovery/Reset Tool

Are you looking for a Windows 7 password reset/recovery tool? Here 5 tools are available for you to reset windows 7 password free after forgot or lost. Top 5 free Windows 7 password reset/recovery tools: Admin account Windows 7 password reset disk Ophcrack Chntpw Install CD/setup disk Top 1: Admin Account Forgot Windows 7 password […]

Lost My Windows 7 Login Password | How to Recover/Remove It

Lost Windows 7 password to log into computer? Don’t be anxious if you just want to recover or remove the lost Windows 7 login password. Three options provided here have been tested workable. Option 1: Recover lost Windows 7 login password with admin account Option 2: Recover lost Windows 7 password on login screen Option […]

Forgot Administrator Password on Windows Vista HP Laptop

I have never wanted to set password for my HP laptop installed with Windows Vista because it is used at home. But one day because of work, I have to take it out. So I set a password for the only administrator password. However, unfortunately, when I got it home and wanted to log into […]

Windows 7 Password Reset without Disc after Windows Login Failed

I have tried all the accounts for Windows 7 login, but all of them couldn’t login Windows 7 successfully. I have not prepared password reset disk or installation disc, repair disc. How can I do to reset Windows 7 password even without disc? If you really need to log into Windows 7 with original user […]

Recovery Disc for Windows 7 Home Premium Admin Password Reset

If you know much about recovery disc, I think you will know recovery disc is the best choice for Windows 7 admin password reset besides another administrator. The recovery disc includes password reset disk and system recovery disc. Password reset disk is easy to create before Windows 7 locked. While if you want to create […]

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Forgot Administrator Password to Windows 7 Ultimate – How to Reset

Unfortunately, I forgot administrator password to my Windows 7 Ultimate. Then what I can do is to find ways that can reset Windows 7 admin password. I search “Windows 7 admin password reset” on Google explorer and really find several ways other people have used to reset Windows 7 administrator password. So I try them […]

Remove Password for Locked Windows 7 Boot from Hard Drive Completely

Windows operational system locked leads to Windows 7 not boot from hard drive completely. Actually, that just needs you to type correct password to login Windows 7. But you forgot or don’t have the password. So removing Windows 7 login password becomes our first important job if we have to boot Windows 7 successfully from […]

Notes on Windows 7 Password Reset with Third-Party Software

Nowadays, more and more third-party software support Windows 7 password reset. Undoubtedly it brings us convenience when we need to get into locked Windows 7 computer after password forgot. But a problem has ever appeared. The software is so much that ordinary computer users cannot choose one effective from them. Now the passage will choose […]

How to Get into a Windows 7 Computer with Boot Disk

Cannot log into Windows 7 because of password forgot? It seems trouble but do you know how to get into locked Windows 7 computer without password? Well, with boot disk created with iSunshare Windows 7 password recovery tool, it can easily come true. Steps to get into a locked Windows 7 computer with boot disk: […]

Locked out of Computer Windows 7 | How to Unlock Locked Computer

I am locked out of computer installed with Windows 7. How to get into my locked computer? Three effective methods are provided in this post.