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Top 5 Free Windows 7 Password Recovery/Reset Tool

Are you looking for a Windows 7 password reset/recovery tool? Here 5 tools are available for you to reset windows 7 password free after forgot or lost. Top 5 free Windows 7 password reset/recovery tools: Admin account Windows 7 password reset disk Ophcrack Chntpw Install CD/setup disk Top 1: Admin Account Forgot Windows 7 password […]

Lost My Windows 7 Login Password | How to Recover/Remove It

Lost Windows 7 password to log into computer? Don’t be anxious if you just want to recover or remove the lost Windows 7 login password. Three options provided here have been tested workable. Option 1: Recover lost Windows 7 login password with admin account Option 2: Recover lost Windows 7 password on login screen Option […]

Forgot Administrator Password on Windows Vista HP Laptop

I have never wanted to set password for my HP laptop installed with Windows Vista because it is used at home. But one day because of work, I have to take it out. So I set a password for the only administrator password. However, unfortunately, when I got it home and wanted to log into […]

Windows 7 Password Reset without Disc after Windows Login Failed

I have tried all the accounts for Windows 7 login, but all of them couldn’t login Windows 7 successfully. I have not prepared password reset disk or installation disc, repair disc. How can I do to reset Windows 7 password even without disc? Since you don’t have any disc for Windows 7 password reset, we […]

Recovery Disc for Windows 7 Home Premium Admin Password Reset

If you know much about recovery disc, I think you will know recovery disc is the best choice for Windows 7 admin password reset besides another administrator. The recovery disc includes password reset disk and system recovery disc. Password reset disk is easy to create before Windows 7 locked. While if you want to create […]

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Forgot Administrator Password to Windows 7 Ultimate – How to Reset

Unfortunately, I forgot my administrator password to Windows 7 Ultimate. But what way I have, this is couldn’t be forbidden. The only I can do is thinking about how to reset Windows 7 admin password. I search for Windows 7 admin password reset on the Internet. Actually, there are many ways for Windows 7 administrator […]

Remove Password for Locked Windows 7 Boot from Hard Drive Completely

Windows operational system locked leads to Windows 7 not boot from hard drive completely. Actually, that just needs you type correct password to login Windows 7. So remove Windows 7 login password becomes our first important job. We have noticed that we have no other accounts for us to login. Therefore, general methods for password […]

Notes on Windows 7 Password Reset with Third Party Software

Nowadays, third party software for Windows 7 password reset is so much. While it brings us convenience, a problem has ever appeared. It’s difficult for ordinary computer users to choose one from these password reset tools. Now the passage will choose two or three password recovery tools and compare their disadvantages and advantages. In the […]

How to get into a Windows 7 computer with boot disk

Cannot login to Windows 7 because forgot password? How to get into locked Windows 7 computer without password? Well, there seems to be command prompt to reset Windows 7 password. However, it works only with admin account because you need to login to Windows 7 first and reset Windows 7 password with Command Prompt later. […]

Locked out of Computer Windows 7 | How to Unlock Locked Computer

I am locked out of computer installed with Windows 7. How to get into my locked computer? Three effective methods are provided in this post.