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Windows PE

Detailed Explanation of PECMD in WinPE—- PECMD.INI File Configuration (2)

[IFEX] Format : IFEX < condition >, [ Command 1 ] [ ! Command 2 ] Function: According to whether the conditional expression is established, execute command 1 if it is established, while execute command 2 if it is not. Parameters: ■ Condition: judgment for [ available memory ], [ disk free space ], [ […]

Detailed Explanation of PECMD in WinPE—-PECMD.INI File Configuration ( 1 )

At present, most domestic WinPE systems are supported by a core software which is pecmd.exe (referred to a command line interpretive program), and there are more than 70 items in it. 1. Command category 1.1 Commonly used command line 1.2 Window controls, subroutine command 1.2.1 System variables CurDir —- Current Directory Desktop —- Desktop Favorites […]

How to Add Driver to Windows 7 PE Boot Disk

This post describes how to use dism command to add driver to Windows 7 pe boot disk. Tips: Here just shows you how to use dism command and add-driver argument to add driver to PE disk. If you want to get more details about how to create a Windows 7 pe disk, see how to […]

How to Create Windows 7 PE Boot Disk

This guide shows you how to create windows 7 pe boot disk. With a Windows 7 pe boot disk, you can boot your computer from the pe boot disk, and maintain your computer. Steps to create Windows 7 pe boot disk: Step 1: Download Microsoft Windows AIK and install it. You can download it from […]