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Windows PE boot disk

How to Create a USB Windows PE Disk to Maintain Computer in Windows 10

Windows PE disk can be a great helper in dealing with computer problems. You can get helps from the Windows PE disk to deal with the system crashes and malfunctions, to recover lost files, to perform troubleshooting, to install a primary Windows OS and so as forth. Then as the PE disk is so good, […]


How to Add Last Intel AHCI Driver to Windows 7 PE Disk

If you want to add the last Intel AHCI driver to Windows 7 PE disk, this article will introduce how to use DISM command and other commands to make your thought come true. Steps to add last Intel AHCI driver to Windows 7 PE disk: 1. Download the latest Intel AHCI Driver in the following […]

How to Add Driver to Windows 7 PE Boot Disk

This post describes how to use dism command to add driver to Windows 7 pe boot disk. Tips: Here just shows you how to use dism command and add-driver argument to add driver to PE disk. If you want to get more details about how to create a Windows 7 pe disk, see how to […]

How to Create Windows 7 PE Boot Disk

This guide shows you how to create windows 7 pe boot disk. With a Windows 7 pe boot disk, you can boot your computer from the pe boot disk, and maintain your computer. Steps to create Windows 7 pe boot disk: Step 1: Download Microsoft Windows AIK and install it. You can download it from […]