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How to Create Windows 7 PE Boot Disk

This guide shows you how to create windows 7 pe boot disk. With a Windows 7 pe boot disk, you can boot your computer from the pe boot disk, and maintain your computer.

Steps to create Windows 7 pe boot disk:

Step 1: Download Microsoft Windows AIK and install it. You can download it from Microsoft office site:

Step 2: Run Deployment Tools Command Prompt as administrator. You can see this program at Start-> All Programs -> Microsoft Windows AIK -> Deployment Tools Command Prompt.

Step 3: Use copype.cmd copy Windows 7 pe file to a folder, here we copy it to d:/winpe. So type in command: copype.cmd x86 d:/winpe, and press Enter to run it.

Step 4: Use imagex.exe command to mount the Windows pe file to a folder, so you can change it. Type in: imagex.exe /mountrw d:/winpe/winpe.wim 1 d:/winpe/mount,and press Enter to run the commend. After mounting the Windows 7 pe image to a folder, you can add or delete files, programs, drivers to it. If you want to add a driver to the image file, you can use: dism with /add-driver parameter. For example: dism /image:d:/winpe/mount /add-driver /driver:d:\driver_x86\cp017374\hpcissx2.inf.

Step 5: Unmount Windows 7 pe image: imagex /unmount /commit d:/winpe/mount.

Step 6: Replace the boot.wim file with the new one: copy  d:/winpe/winpe.wim  d:/winpe/iso/sources/boot.wim

Step 7: Use oscdimg command to make iso file: oscdimg -n -bd:/winpe/ d:/winpe/ISO e:/winpe.iso

Step 8: You can burn the winpe.iso to a CD/DVD disc or USB flash drive, and then use it to boot your computer. Tips: You can get Finalbooster and use it to burn the winpe.iso file to CD/DVD disc or USB flash drive.

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