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Delete File Another Program Is Using

Have you ever confronted with a situation that you could not successfully delete a file in your PC because aother program was using it? Even when you just enter the Windows system, you may face such a problem. So what can you do to deal with it? For your convenience, 7 methods to delete an AVI file another program is using in Windows XP are described minutely as follows.

Way 1: Open Notepad, click File in its menu bar and select Save As. Then, name the notepad by the same title (including the extension name) of the AVI file you want to remove, and replace the file. At this time, you will find that the file size becomes 0 KB, so now you can erase it with Delete order.

Way 2: Create a new folder in the same directory of the AVI file and restart the computer. After reboot, select the new folder, press Ctrl key and the AVI file at the same time, and then execute Delete.

Way 3: Change the extension name of the AVI file into any other invalid document type, and carry out Delete.

Way 4: Disable the Windows XP media preview function. You can realize it according to the process of “clicking Start button→typing CMD in the run box→pressing Enter→inputting “regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll-@m” (without double quotation marks) in the cmd.exe interface→hitting Enter”.
Note: If you want to restore the function, you can type regsvr32 shmedia.dll in the cmd.exe interface.

Way 5: Start the media player which played the AVI file, open another file in it, and delete the file which you would like to omit.

Way 6: Use WinRAR program to delete it. That is, right-click it, choose Add to archive in the context menu, select General in the pop-up window, choose Delete files after archiving and hit OK option. Finally, remove the compressed file.

Way 7: Open Windows Task Manager by “Ctrl+Alt+Delete”, click Process, select explorer.exe, hit End Process. At this moment, a status like computer crash appears. Then, click Applications, choose New Task, type in Explorer.exe and click OK. So the desktop restores to normal state, and you can execute Delete operation to the AVI file.

As you can see from the above, there are many ways to delete an AVI file which aother program is applying in Windows XP for your options. Therefore, with the assistance of them, you won’t worry about how to settle the same problem from now on.


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