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How to Factory Reset a Samsung Laptop

What is Samsung laptop user confused with?

I just buy a new Samsung laptop. I set a password for administrator account. While I begin to login Windows the second time, I suddenly couldn’t remember what the login password is. Is there any simple and effective way to reset my Samsung laptop?

Problem analysis:

According to your description, you just use the Samsung laptop one time. Generally, there isn’t much data on your laptop. So you don’t have to consider data loss problem if you want to reset Samsung laptop. Now, the simple and free way to login Windows again is to factory reset Samsung laptop.



How to Factory Reset a Samsung Laptop?

Method 1: Samsung recovery solution program

<1>. Press and hold on Esc key, and then start Samsung laptop

Note: Please don’t loosen your hand on Esc key until the Samsung laptop starts with restore system.

<2>. Find Samsung Recovery Solution program, and run it. Or Enter Menu window.

Note: Samsung Recovery Solution is system restore program provided by Samsung. Used for Samsung password recovery etc.

<3>. Press F11 to restore Samsung factory setting.

Method 2: Samsung hot key

As we all know, Samsung laptop is taken with one function that Samsung factory reset with one key. Just start your Samsung laptop and press F4 or F7 at the same time. And Samsung laptop will run system restore program automatically. When the program runs over and reboots Samsung laptop, you can access Samsung laptop without any password.

Even though factory reset can be used to reset Samsung laptop in short time, it will bring something troublesome, such as losing your favorite or important data. Therefore, before factory reset Samsung laptop, you have to think over if you should have to choose it, or whether there are other methods for Samsung laptop password reset.

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