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Forgot Administrator Password to Windows 7 Ultimate – How to Reset

Unfortunately, I forgot my administrator password to Windows 7 Ultimate. But what way I have, this is couldn’t be forbidden. The only I can do is thinking about how to reset Windows 7 admin password.

I search for Windows 7 admin password reset on the Internet. Actually, there are many ways for Windows 7 administrator password reset. But what and where is the best way for me.

Hence, I kept on finding other ways to try to reset my Windows 7 Ultimate forgotten password. I have realized that I need an easy and effective way. I have no spare energy, and I want to reset lost password instantly.

So when I found free password recovery software – Ophcrack, do you know how excited I was? However, after I try to recover forgotten Windows 7 admin password with it, I still couldn’t reset my lost login password. Why? It’s just because my password is too long. Is there Windows 7 password recovery software for me? Yes, of course. I found it after a long time search. Windows 7 Password Genius helps me.

According to its user guide of Windows 7 password recovery, I install it on another computer and create a password reset disk with a USB device. And then insert it into my locked Windows 7, and boot it from USB disk, remove forgotten password to Windows accounts. I also try to use Add user, and create a new account with a name I feel familiar with. Reboot it and login with admin account I have ever forgotten password. Really, Windows 7 login doesn’t need password now. And new account I just create also could be used to login Windows 7 Ultimate.

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