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How to Boot Surface PC Tablet from USB Device

I forgot Surface password, and now I want to boot it from USB drive to run password reset disk for Windows password reset. Having tried several times, but I couldn’t boot it from USB device successfully. How can I do?

Now please follow introductions below to set Surface boot from USB device when Surface is closed or open.

When your Surface laptop is closed, how to set boot option?

1. Connect bootable USB device into Surface USB debug.

2. Hold on pressing Volume down Control Key.

3. Press Power icon and release it.

4. When you see Surface logo appears on screen, release Volume Control Key.

Surface will boot from USB device and run program on USB drive.


When your Surface PC tablet is running, how to boot it from USB?

1. Insert USB device into Surface PC tablet.

2. Move mouse to the upper-right side of Surface window, and click “Settings”.

3. Click “Change PC Settings”.

4. Click “Update and Restore” – “Restore”.

5. Click “Restart Instantly” in “Advanced Boot” option.

6. In the “Select one option” screen, click “Use Device”.

7. In the Troubleshooting screen, click “Advanced option”.

8. In the Advanced screen, select USB device you insert.

Surface will restart and boot from USB device.


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