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How to Judge the Stand or Fall of A Website or Webpage

With the development of the times, the Internet plays a more and more significant role in our life. In the meantime, countless websites and webpages spring up in the Internet and wait for our visiting. However, not all of them are worth visiting due to various kinds of reasons. Consequently, in this article, several conditions of judging the stand or fall of a website or webpage will be introduced specifically.

Condition 1: Use the PR value to judge the good or bad of a website or webpage.

1. What is PR value?
PR value is short for Page Rank value, which is part of Google’s ranking algorithm and used for identify the importance level of a website or webpage. And the PR value is represented by a numerical value from 0 to 10. Generally speaking, the higher the PR value is, the more important and popular a website or webpage is. For instance, the PR value larger than 4 shows the popularity of a website or webpage, and the PR value from 7 to 10 represents the great popularity of them.

2. How to check the PR value?
There are specified websites which are used for checking the PR value of websites and webpages. They are (English) and (Chinese). You can enter it and check the PR value of certain website or webpage so as to judge its stand or fall.

Condition 2: Check the domain name registration time.

The domain name registration time stands for the history of a website or a webpage. And the longer the domain name registration time is, the more experienced and specialized the website or webpage may be. Therefore, this time must also be taken into consideration when measuring the usefulness of the websites and webpages. Moreover, as for how to search it, you can enter the following Chinese website and check the domain name registration time of any website and webpage that you want to know.

Condition 3: Comprehensively consider the title, content and comments of a website or webpage.

The title, content and comments can show the relevancy between a website or webpage and the information you are searching for. If its headline and content are useful for you, and the comments are largely positive, it indicates that this website or webpage is worth your visiting and reading.

To make a conclusion, the above 3 conditions are very helpful in judging the stand or fall of a website or webpage. And they are not applied separately. In other words, combining the 3 criteria, you can make a better judgment rather than a one-sided estimation.


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