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How to Sign a PDF File or Add Signature to PDF Document in Adobe Acrobat

Signature to PDF file explains its ownership to some extent. And solve the problem about PDF file’s belonger at the same time. Especially for important PDF file, it seems to be necessary.

So how can I digitally sign your PDF file  or add signature to PDF document in Adobe Acrobat Pro? The following passage will give you an answer.

Part 1: Add Text or Image Signature to PDF document

PDF document signature can be text, image, digital ID or any other words or picture you draw. Are there any problems? Please follow the steps to add signature by typing or drawing or importing signature image.

Step 1: Open the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat XI Pro you want to sign.

Step 2: At the top right side in Acrobat, click the Sign. Open I Need to Sign panel.

choose to place signature to PDF file

Step 3: Create signature. There are several options to choose, Place Initials, Place Signature. Choose one and create a signature.

When you choose Place Initials first, type or draw your initials in pop-up window “Place Initials”. Then click Accept. Now scroll your mouse and click on somewhere of your PDF file, the signature will be created. If you don’t want to use it again, click Place Initials – Clear Save Initials to remove initials. Now we choose Place Signature.

If it is your first time to sign PDF file, just click Place Signature. If not, click Place Signature and choose Change Saved Signature in the drop-down.

Then select one of the following options for signing in the drop-down box. To use a certificate, see the Use a certificate to digitally sign a PDF file section below.

1. Type my signature

type signature on PDF file

2. Draw my signature

draw signature on PDF file

3. Use an image

sign PDF file with an image

Step 4: Save PDF file.

add signature to PDF document successfully

Part 2: Use a Certificate to Digitally Sign PDF File

If you have created digital ID in Adobe Acrobat Pro, just click Place Signature, choose a location to draw signature in with your mouse in PDF document, and then type password for digital signature you select and click Sign at last. If not, follow article below to do.

Step 1: In Place Signature window, choose Use a certificate. Click Next. Or click Place Signature directly.

Step 2: Click “Drag New Signature Rectangle” button in pop-up dialog.

confirm drag signature on PDF file

Step 3: Draw a box with your mouse where you want the signature to appear.

Step 4: If you have had digital ID file, turn to step 8. If not, go with the steps below.

If not, check “A new digital ID I want to create now“. Click Next.

create new digital ID to sign PDF

Step 5: Choose one way to store your self-signed digital ID. Click Next.

choose way to save digital ID file

Step 6: Type a Name, Email Address at least. Click Next.

enter digital ID information

Step 7: Choose a file to save the digital ID file. And set a password for digital ID file. Click Finish.

set a password for digital ID file

Step 8: Select your digital ID and type the password. Click Sign.

sign PDF document with certificate

Step 9: PDF file save window appears. Type a name for signed PDF file. And click Save.

save signed PDF file

In the top screen of new signed PDF document, you can see a blue panel indicating the PDF file is signed.

successfully sign PDF file with user certificate


If you want to sign PDF file with text or image next time, choose “Place Signature – Change Saved Signature”. If you want to clear digital ID in Acrobat, follow the bellows to do.

  1. Open PDF file, navigate to Edit – Preferences.
  2. Choose Signature in the left categories.
  3. Click More after Identities & Trusted Certificates.
  4. Choose the digital ID you want to clear. And click “Remove ID” button in the top menu.
  5. Click OK in the appearing Acrobat Security dialog.
  6. Type password to authenticate selected digital ID and click OK.
  7. When digital ID has been removed, close the window of “Digital ID and Trusted Certificate Settings”.
  8. Click OK.

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