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Protect Office Files with Password – Set/Reset Password

Because of recent PRISM event, network security seems to be out of our control gradually. I believe most computer users are worried about their own privacy on the Internet, especially email and files transmission through the Internet. But no matter what happens, make a powerful security protection for your email or files on the Internet is necessary even important.

And now we will introduce how to set security protection for Microsoft Office file we usually use. First, we will think about how to set password for our Offices files. Second, we may receive password protected Office files. What we should think about is how to reset password for these Offices files.

About how to set password for Office files, you can get details in encrypt Office file. All types of Office file password setting method are provided in it, including Word/Excel/Access/Outlook/PowerPoint file. About how to reset password for Office file, please follows the introduction below.

One way is third-party password recovery software; other ways are some special methods for special Office files.

About third-party password recovery software, we will recommend isunshare Office Password Genius. Recover Office password with it is simple. Just two operation steps needed. Import Office file into software, and then click Start button to recover lost Office password. Even if you just use the computer, how to use Office password recovery tool is not difficult for you.

About special method for reset password for special Office files, follows the introduction below.

1. Unlock Office password with Macro command

This method applies to Microsoft Office 2007 or lower versions. Create a Macro first with syntax. Enter Macros, view Macro command and run. More detailed operation, reference to how to unlock Excel sheet free.

2. Remove Excel password by editing XML file

The method requires Excel file with xml file. Therefore, if your Excel 2007/2010/2013 file is locked, you can use it to remove Excel workbook or sheet password. The key to this method is to change the file extension to zip. Remove password privilege to excel file descripted in the xml file. And then save it in the zip file, change the file extension from zip to xlsx.

3. Change PPT 2007/2003 Password with WPS

Only apply to *.ppt or *.pps type files. These files are restricted to be edited.

Run WPS to open PPT 2007 file in a read-only mode. And Save as again.

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