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Office Open XML File Creation and How to Open

Since the Microsoft Office is released, there is new file format appears. That is Office Open XML. About how to create an Office Open XML file and how to open a word 2007 XML file, they are introduced detailed in the following passage.

Part 1: Office Open XML Format File Creation

Office Open XML format is established based on XML and ZIP archiving technology. Compared to the prior versions of Microsoft Office, you can open Office component in the display window, and you can see Office file structure clearly. Take Word as example.

1. Boot up Microsoft Word 2007

2. In the new document, paste the following text:

Soaring with the American Bald Eagle

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nulla rutrum. Phasellus feugiat bibendum urna. Aliquam lacinia diam ac felis. In vulputate semper orci. Quisque blandit. Mauris et nibh. Aenean nulla. Mauris placerat tempor libero.

Pellentesque bibendum. In consequat, sem molestie iaculis venenatis, orci nunc imperdiet justo, id ultricies ligula elit sit amet ante. Sed quis sem. Ut accumsan nulla vel nisi. Ut nulla enim, ullamcorper vel, semper vitae, vulputate vel, mi. Duis id magna a magna commodo interdum.

3. Highlight Soaring with the American Bald Eagle

And then in the start tag and in style group, set style as title

4. Insert a picture in the document

4.1 Place the mouse pointer at the end of the first paragraph, and press Enter to insert new line
4.2 Click Insert tag, press Picture, find a picture and then insert

5. Add a document parameter

5.1 Click Microsoft Office, point to Preparation, and press Parameter
5.2 In the document properties panel, add the author name, title, topic and remark

6. Add some comments in the document

6.1 Under the review TAB, press create new comments
6.2 In the comments box, type This is my comment.

7. Save Word document

7.1 Click Microsoft Office button, and choose Save as.
7.2 In the list of document types, choose Word Document (*.docx), and type SampleWordDocument.docx in the name input box.

8. Close Microsoft Word

 Part 2: Open Word 2007 XML File

1. Create a temporary directory to store folder and its component.

2. Create a Word 2007 document, including text, picture and other elements. Save as *.docx file.

3. Change the file extension to zip file

4. Double click zip file, the file will be open in a zip application program. You can look for every component of the file.

5. Extract these component into temporary directory created just now.

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