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2 Ways to Add New Admin Accounts to Your Mac

Besides the way to create admin account when you setup Mac after installation, there are other 2 ways that you can add admin accounts to Mac easily if you could access Mac with administrative privileges.

  1. 1. Directly create new admin account in Users & Groups
  2. 2. Promote standard user to admin account

Way 1: Directly create new admin account in Users & Groups

Step 1: Start Mac and go to System Preferences > Users & Groups from top menu on desktop.

Step 2: Click the lock at the left-bottom in Users & Groups and enter an admin account password.

unlock users & groups on mac

Step 3: While you are allowed to make changes in Users & Groups, click the "+" under user list on the left pane, and begin to create new administrator or standard user.

create new user in users & groups

If you choose Standard from New Account, you can create a standard user and promote it to admin account later.

create standard user on mac

If you choose Administrator, now you can directly add an admin account to your Mac.

create administrator on mac

3-1 Enter the user name in Full Name field. And Account Name will be created automatically.

3-2 Type the password you want to use to protect administrator, or click the key icon to get the suggested password. And copy it to past in Password field.

get suggested user password

3-3 Enter the password again to verify it. And click Create User button to finish user creation.

Password hint is recommended but it is not necessary to create. But once you can get password hint after admin password forgot, probably you can guess out the forgotten password and don’t need to waste time on resetting Mac admin password.

Way 2: Prompt standard user to admin account

If you find there are standard users that have been created in Users & Groups, you could just prompt it to admin account without creating new one by above several steps.

1. Navigate to Users & Groups and remove lock on preventing changes with admin account.

2. Select the standard user from user list, and you can see an option under it, "Allow user to administer this computer".

allow standard user to administer this computer

3. Check the option and click OK to restart the computer when a message pops up.

restart computer to take effect

After you login to Mac again and go to Users & Groups, you can see the standard user has become admin account.

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