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3 Ways to Reset Mac Admin Password without Disk If Forgot

Lost or forgot Mac admin password and no installer disc? Here are 3 effective ways to easily reset Mac admin password without disk.

  1. 1. Another administrator
  2. 2. Apple ID associated with password-forgotten admin account
  3. 3. Built-in password recovery utility on Mac

Even you have lost access to Mac, the built-in password recovery utility and terminal will always help you to sign in Mac after Mac admin password reset.

Way 1: Reset Mac admin password with another administrator

While you have another available administrator on Mac, please take this easy and safe way to reset your Mac password.

1. Power on Mac and login with another administrator.

login mac with another admin account

For example, if you want to reset mac password for admin account "isunshare fox", now please select another administrator "deger" to sign in Mac.

2. Open System Preferences > Users & Groups and remove the lock on editing with administrator password.

remove lock and allow changes in users and groups

3. Select the admin account in user list, and click on Reset Password button next to the account.

choose to reset admin password on mac

4. Type a new password for selected account and reenter it to verify. Click Change Password and the Mac admin password would be reset or removed if you don’t type any password for administrator account.

reset mac admin password with another administrator

5. Restart Mac with admin account you just reset password to make new password effective.


Way 2: Reset Mac admin forgotten password with Apple ID

Before using Apple ID to reset forgotten Mac admin account password, it is necessary to make sure you have linked your admin account to Apple ID on accessible Mac.

Steps to reset Mac forgotten admin password with Apple ID:

1. Power on Mac and select the password-forgotten admin account to sign in.

2. Just type incorrect password, press Enter and you would get the message about you can reset password using your Apple ID. Click the icon after that.

click the icon after entering incorrect login password

3. Enter Apple ID and its password. And tap on Reset Password to continue.

enter associated Apple ID and password

Note: If you forgot apple id password, please reset it at first on login page through email or security questions you have set.


4. Click OK while another message prompts you will create a new keychain if you change the password for this user.

make sure to change this user password

5. Type a new password twice for admin account and click on Reset Password button to make Mac admin password reset successfully with Apple ID.

reset mac login password with Apple ID

6. Access Mac with new admin password and then you could create new keychain.


Simple steps to associate admin account to Apple ID on Mac:

1. Open System Preferences > Users & Groups and right click the password-forgotten admin account. Choose Advanced Options. Or you can directly see Apple ID option under the user account. (Take Yosemite as example)

change admin account advanced options

2. On Advanced Options window, click Set button next to the Apple ID option to add Apple ID.

choose to add apple id to this user

3. Write down the existing Apple ID you want to associated with or create one now by Create Apple ID option if you have no Apple ID. Click OK and again to make sure the connection between user account and Apple ID.

write and confirm the apple id

successfully create an apple id associated with administrator

4. Return to the admin account in Users & Groups. Now please check "Allow user to reset password using Apple ID". Then you could reset admin password with this Apple ID on Mac login screen whenever you want.

allow user to reset password using apple id


Way 3: Reset Mac admin password with password recovery utility

It will guide you how to reset Mac admin password with built-in password reset tool on Mac. And it always works even though you have no another administrator or have not associated admin account to Apple ID.

1. Start Mac and press Command + R when grey screen appears and hold on it until you see Apple logo.

2. Wait for Mac entering recovery mode.

3. While you access Mac in recovery mode, click Utilities on the top menu and select Terminal.

run terminal in mac recovery mode

4. Type resetpassword in Terminal and press Enter. Please keep terminal open.

open password recovery utility by terminal

5. On following Reset Password utility, choose a user you want to reset password. And click Next.

choose a user to reset password on mac

enter associated apple id password

reset mac password with built-in password recovery utility

After Mac user password reset, reboot Mac to make password recovery effective.

restart mac to make mac password reset effective

Note: If you still want to reset password for another user in recovery mode, please type "resetpassword" again in Terminal and all of users will be listed again for you to choose and reset password.

Besides above easy and safe ways, Terminal also helps you to reset Mac admin password with command line in single user mode, but it seems a little difficult and is not recommended. Surely if you think you can do it, please try. But if you cannot do it in proper way, probably your Mac would be damaged by something wrong.


1. If you cannot make sure the user name, please check it with command "ls /Users" at first in Terminal.

2. And it is an extra step for Mac running OS X 10.7.3 and later. Load Open Directory with following command before running password reset command line.

launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.opendirectoryd.plist

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