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How to Change or Remove macOS User Account Password

How to change or remove user account password on Mac OS while you can sign in with administrator? Here are available methods for you to choose.

After login to Mac with administrator you still remember password, go to tap on Apple icon on the top menu, and select System Preferences.

open system preferences on mac

Method 1: Change or remove all user account passwords in "Users & Groups"

1. Choose Users & Groups option in System Preferences.

choose user and groups in system preferences

2. In Users & Groups window, click the lock at the left-bottom corner to allow changes to be made.

click the lock to make changes in users and groups

3. Enter the Mac administrator password when a dialog pops up and asks. And click Unlock.

enter password to unlock users and groups preferences

4. Now select the user you want to change or remove password from the left pane, and click on Change Password or Reset Password button at right side.

choose to change user password on mac

5. Then you can change or remove user password on Mac.

Change Mac user password:

Enter the old password and new password for the user, verify it and click Change Password button. Then the macOS user password would be changed.

change mac user password

Remove macOS user account password:

Type the old password but let New password box be blank. Click Change Password and OK while another new dialog requires confirmation. Then you will successfully remove the macOS user account password.

remove mac user password

confirm to remove mac user account password


Method 2: Change or remove current user password in Security & Privacy

If you just want to change or remove current user password you are using to log into Mac, follow these actions.

1. Choose Security & Privacy in System Preferences.

open security and privacy on mac

2. Click the lock to allow changes in Security & Privacy.

3. Click Change Password next to "A login password has been set for this user" under General tab.

choose to change current user password on mac

4. Change or remove current user password just like the step 5 in method 1.


Above methods only work when you could access Mac with administrator. If no access available to macOS, I think you just could follow other ways, such as associated Apple ID or built-in password recovery utillity to reset Mac admin password.

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