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How to Find Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key

Microsoft Office 2010 trial version product key lost? Forgot the full version key code for Microsoft Office 2010? On this occasion, nervousness and anxiety seem to be inevitable for people who lost or forgot it. But to find solution is the key to solve these problems. The solution may be not common but easy on operation. Just like the ways following.

How to find the free trial Microsoft Office 2010 product key code

According to the way to get free trial product (CD/DVD, download, subscription, pre-installation by computer manufacturers, system generator, or distributor), Office 2010 key code can be found by one of the following ways.

If you still can’t find free trial one key code, please go to the trial version website of PC and get the detail knowledge about how to apply for product key.

How to find full version product key code for Office 2010

Therefore, to retain packaging or note down the key number and store in a safe place is a good choice. But if you lost them, how to get new Office key code becomes important.

The ways mentioned above is feasible. Compared with it, software for looking for product key is more convenient and practical. Not only find product key for Office, but also find key code for software installed on your computer, such as Internet Explorer, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Exchange Server, VM Ware, Adobe and Windows. Just three simple steps, you can learn how to use it even if you never know it.

Step 1: Download and install Product Key Finder on your computer and install Office 2010.

Step 2: Find Key code.

Click button Start Recovery to let the program find product key code for above software automatically.

Step 3: Save Office Product key.

Click Save to File or Save button to save all the product keys in a notepad.

So far, the work of finding Office 2010 product key is over, just copy the Office product key code to activate Office 2010, and it works.

More details about find product key for Office, Windows other software, turn to learn to find product key.

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