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7 Ways to Open Disk Management in Windows 10

The article illustrates seven methods to open Disk Management on Windows 10 computer for your choice. In addition, you can learn to create shortcut to disk management.

Video guide on how to open Disk Management in Windows 10:

7 ways to open Disk Management in Windows 10:

Way 1: Open it from the Quick Access Menu.

Right-click the bottom-left corner (or Start button) on the desktop to open Quick Access Menu, and then choose Disk Management.

Way 2: Access Disk Management via Run.

Use Windows+R to open Run, type diskmgmt.msc in the empty box and tap OK.

Way 3: Open Disk Management in Computer Management.

Step 1: Right-click This PC and choose Manage in the context menu to enter Computer Management.

Step 2: Select Disk Management on the left.

Way 4: Open it via direct search.

Type disk manage in the search box on the taskbar and choose Create and format hard disk partitions in the result.

Way 5: Open it with run command via Search.

Enter diskmgmt.msc in the lower-left search box and click diskmgmt in the list.

Way 6: Open Disk Management via Command Prompt.

Step 1: Open Command Prompt.

Step 2: Type diskmgmt and press Enter.

Way 7: Turn it on via Windows PowerShell.

Step 1: Open Windows PowerShell via searching.

Step 2: Enter diskmgmt and hit Enter.

Other Ways to Open Disk Management in Windows 10

There is another ways for you to open disk management in Windows 10, faster and more convenient. That is to create disk management shortcut on Windows computer. When you want to open disk management, you just need to double click the shortcut, how easy it is!Here you will be showncased two ways to create desktop shortcut for disk management.

Way 1: Create desktop shortcut for diskmgmt.msc.

Open This PC, type diskmgmt.msc in the top-right search box, right-click diskmgmt in the result, point at Send to on the context menu, and then choose Desktop (create shortcut) in the sub-list.

Way 2: Create a CMD file for diskmgmt.msc on desktop.

Step 1: Open Notepad from Start Menu, and type diskmgmt.msc in it.

Step 2: Tap File on the Menu bar and select Save As in the menu.

Step 3: Choose Desktop, type Disk Management.cmd in the file name box and hit Save.

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