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How to Delete Browsing History

Do you frequently browse files and websites on your computer? If you do, how do you avoid others to know what information you have scanned? You must have thought of deleting the browsing history, but you may not know how to realize it. Now, you can find the answer instantly in the following part of this article.

Way to delete browsing history in File Explorer:

Click File Explorer icon on the left of desktop taskbar. Then, as the Libraries window opens, click File on the top left, point at Delete history in the list and select Address bar history on the right, as shown in the following picture.

Tips: You can also use this method to delete browsing history in Computer (or My Computer).

Ways to delete browsing history in browsers:

1. Delete the browsing history in Internet Explorer.

There are two methods to accomplish this goal.

Method 1: Delete browsed items one by one.

Click the down arrow in the address bar, point at an item you want to delete from History and tap the delete mark behind it. Then, remove other items one by one.

Method 2: Delete the browsing history at a time.

Step 1: Click Tools on the menu bar, and choose Delete browsing history in the list.

Step 2: When the Delete Browsing History window shows up, tap Delete on the bottom.

2. Delete the browsing history in Google Chrome.

Step 1: Click the button on the right of the address bar, and select History in the list, as the following screen shot exhibits.

Step 2: In the History interface, click the Clear browsing data option.

Step 3: As the Clear browsing data interface turns up, click the down arrow to select a time so as to delete the browsing data generated in a certain period of time and tap Clear browsing data on the lower right.

In summary, using these methods to delete browsing history on your computer, you won't be bothered by the trouble resulted from browsing record leakage. Suppose you are afraid that other people can still know your privacy through your search record, you can go to clear search history.

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