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How to Unlock a Laptop When Forgot Password

Have been locked out of laptop because of administrator password forgot? And cannot find any user account to unlock the locked laptop? Please try the methods below in this post to unlock your Windows laptop after password forgot.

It has listed all the possible cases and which means that you can take in that case. So don't hesitate to follow for your locked HP/Dell/Lenovo/Acer/Asus/Samsung/Toshiba laptop installed with Windows 10/8/7/vista and 2016/2008/2003/2000.

  1. Method 1: Unlock laptop by password reset disk
  2. Method 2: Unlock laptop via third-party password recovery utility
  3. Method 3: Unlock locked laptop with Windows installation CD
  4. Method 4: Restore locked laptop to factory settings

Method 1: Unlock laptop with reset disk after password forgot

Has created a password reset disk for the laptop administrator account? If you have, just plug it into locked laptop and reset laptop password with reset disk. Such a method is a piece of cake for anyone who want to unlock locked laptop after password forgot.

What should be paid attention to:

1. Learn the common 2 ways to create a Windows password reset disk.

2. Save the password reset disk in safe place and find it instantly whenever you need.

3. If there is no reset disk created for laptop previously, please follow methods below to unlock laptop without disk.


Method 2: Unlock laptop with third-party password recovery utility

As is known, everyone could unlock locked laptop while forgotten laptop password can be reset. But if you have no password reset disk, whether you still could reset laptop password? Surely you can and could take iSunshare Windows Password Genius, to not only reset laptop password, but also create new user to unlock laptop after locked out of it.

Follow steps below to unlock laptop by iSunshare password recovery tool.

Step 1: Burn Windows Password Genius into USB drive.

In order to use Windows Password Genius (Standard/Professional/Advanced) on locked laptop, it is necessary to burn it into a bootable USB drive or CD-ROM. Prepare an accessible computer and get the iSunshare software.

1. Install and run iSunshare Windows Password Genius on accessible PC.

2. Plug bootable USB drive into available computer and make sure you choose it from drop-down list.

3. Click Begin burning to format the removal device firstly and then burn password reset disk into it.

select usb to burn isunshare software

Step 2: Unlock laptop with password recovery tool.

1. Connect USB disk to locked laptop and boot laptop from it.

For example, if you want to boot HP laptop from USB, press F10 to enter BIOS settings when power on HP laptop, choose System Configuration > Boot Option > Press Enter > Multiboot, change Disable to Enable. Then choose the USB device as the first boot option, save the changes and exit BIOS.

2. While laptop starts from USB disk and Windows Password Genius runs, try the two options it provides to unlock laptop, Reset Password and Add User.

2-1 Select the administrator and click on Reset Password button to remove forgotten laptop password.

unlock laptop with password recovery utility

2-2 Click on Add User button to create new user account with administrative privileges.

3. At last, Reboot laptop and disconnect the USB disk in time. Go to laptop login screen and unlock laptop with new user or without administrator password.

Method 3: Unlock laptop with Windows installation CD

reinstall laptop windows system

When you have Windows installation CD for your laptop in hand, now this method can work free to reinstall laptop system or reset Windows laptop password, even though you are locked out of laptop.

3-1 Start your laptop from installation CD, and you would see the installtion wizard, like the image at the right side. Now don't really install Windows system in your laptop.

3-2 Press Shift + F10 to run command prompt, then replace utilman.exe with cmd.exe via command. Restart laptop after exit installation disc.

3-3 Last but not the least, click ease icon at the left bottom and command prompt runs. Type net user command net user username new password in command prompt window to reset laptop password. Unlock with new password or new administrator at last if you have created with command.

About more details, you can refer to passage Windows 10 laptop password reset with installation CD.

Method 4: Unlock HP laptop by restoring it to factory mode

restore laptop to factory settings

Besides, restoring laptop to factory mode also could help you to unlock locked laptop, even it is not recommended, compared with above methods. But if your laptop meets the conditions, it can be tried to unlock laptop after password forgot.

1. You don't care any data lost from your locked aptop.

2. You are intended to get a clean Windows system after unlocking laptop.

3. Your laptop is new installed and there is no important data.

And about how to restore different kinds of laptop to factory settings, please navigate to the articles. https://www.isunshare.com/blog/category /factory-reset-laptop/

In a word, so many ways are available for you to unlock laptop after password forgot. But if you want to solve this problem easily without any damage on laptop, only password reset disk and iSunshare Windows Password Genius are recommended for all kinds of Windows laptops.

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