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How to Unlock a Laptop When Forgot Password

I have been locked out of my HP laptop because of login administrator password forgot. And I have tried to find another available administrator for logon. But I couldn't get one. What can I do to unlock my laptop after password forgot?

Sorry to hear about that! So what about four methods talked about in following article? I have checked they could unlock my locked laptop in different situations. And I hope they can work for your locked laptop no matter which operational system it is pre-installed with, Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000.

  1. Method 1: Unlock HP laptop with password reset disk
  2. Method 2: Unlock laptop via third-party password recovery utility
  3. Method 3: Unlock locked laptop with Windows installation CD
  4. Method 4: Restore locked laptop to factory settings

Method 1: Unlock laptop with reset disk after password forgot

If there has been a password reset disk you created for your laptop administrator before its password forgot, now just take it to plug into locked laptop, and follow password reset wizard to reset laptop password with reset disk.

So unlocking laptop will be a piece of cake when you have such a password reset disk.

Surely, probably the password reset disk is burned by third-party software, Windows Password Genius after you are locked out of laptop. Then you would need to boot locked laptop from it and remove forgotten administrator password on running Windows Password Genius program.

Tips: Two Ways to Create a Windows Password Reset Disk

In a word, as long as you could unlock laptop with reset disk by resetting or removing forgotten laptop password. Therefore, please take password reset disk as one of your fixed asset and save it in a safe place. When you need, you could instantly make full use of it.

Note: If there is no password reset disk created before locked out of laptop, please follow 3 methods below to unlock laptop with no password reset disk in hand.

Method 2: Unlock HP laptop with third-party password recovery utility

As is known, everyone could unlock laptop after locked out it through laptop forgotten password reset. So undoubtedly third-party password recovery tool could also unlock locked laptop, especially iSunshare Windows Password Genius which could burn a password reset disk for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 and Window server password reset on locked PC/laptop/tablet. Besides, from the following introduction, you would find its high efficiency and user-friendly interface would make the whole process easy.

Now follow the steps to reset Windows forgotten administrator password for locked laptop.

Step 1: Take accessible computer to run Windows Password Genius.

In order to make password reset disk burned later applying to as many Windows systems as possible, Windows Password Genius Advanced version is recommended here to download, install and run on your accessible windows computer.

Step 2: Burn password reset disk for locked laptop with third-party utility.

select usb to burn laptop password reset disk

Step 3: Unlock laptop with password reset disk.

remove forgotten admin password to unlock laptop

Method 3: Unlock laptop with Windows installation CD

reinstall windows operational system

When you have Windows installation CD for your laptop in hand, now this method can work free to reset Windows laptop password, even though you are locked out of laptop.

3-1 Start your laptop from installation CD, and you would see the installtion wizard, like the image at the right side. Now don't really install Windows system in your laptop.

3-2 Press Shift + F10 to run command prompt, then replace utilman.exe with cmd.exe via command. Restart laptop after exit installation disc.

3-3 Last but not the least, click ease icon at the left bottom and command prompt runs. Type net user command net user username new password in command prompt window to reset laptop password. Unlock with new password or new administrator at last if you have created with command.

About more details, you can refer to passage Windows 10 laptop password reset with installation CD.

Method 4: Unlock HP laptop by restoring it to factory mode

restore windows system and files

If you could not or don't want to unlock HP laptop with above three methods. Certainly restoring laptop to factory mode also could help you to unlock locked laptop. Just at last, laptop data would be lost and probably you cannot find important data back on this laptop after unlocking it.

This method is only recommended when your laptop satisfies one of these conditions.

  1. You don't care any data lost from your locked aptop.
  2. You are intended to get a clean Windows system after password reset.
  3. Your laptop is new installed and there is no important data.

About how to factory reset different kinds of laptops, please see the series of articles: https://www.isunshare.com/blog/category/factory-reset-laptop/

Besides above methods, probably you could find another method that can unlock HP laptop. But there is no doubt that above methods have been effective enough for laptop unlock. Especially iSunshare Windows Password Genius, has could help to unlock any brands of laptop after password forgot, including HP/Dell/Samsung/Acer/Asus/Lenovo/ThinkPad/Toshiba/Sony/Surface etc at any time.

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