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How to Access Locked Access 2013 Database

As is known, Microsoft Access is one popular application that can save massive enterprise data. And in order to protect data in Access database, probably different passwords are set to lock access database data. But there may be a time inevitable access database 2013 database is locked and database password is forgot or lost. How can you do at this moment?

If this time really comes, don't be anxious even though you cannot find a powerful way instantly to solve access database lock problem. Follow this passage and you will see there is an effective and safe password recovery tool working for locked access 97-2016 database password recovery. It is usually called Access Password Genius.

Steps to access locked access 2013 database

In following article, details about how to access locked access 2013 database will be introduced in three steps.

Step 1: Prepare Access Password Genius on computer.

Select Access Password Geniustrial version or full version and download. Then install and run it on computer.

Step 2: Import locked Access 2013 database file and set access database password attack type.

There are several buttons on Access Password Genius menu. With these buttons, you can complete all the operations that accessing locked access database requires. In this step, the most important thing is to import locked access database and set database password recovery type.

attack locked access 2013 database password

  1. Click Open button on menu and browse locked access database file in computer. Open it and it would appear in the Encrypted File box.
  2. Click Type of attack and in its drop-down box, select one from four different kinds of password attack types.
  3. Set different kinds of parameters for selected attack type in the middle screen, such as password range, length, mask, dictionary path etc.

Tips: Brute-force/Mask/Dictionary Password Recovery Attack Settings

Step 3: Recover locked Access Database file password.

Tap Start button now to begin recovering locked access database password. Password recovery tool starts and stops working until you get locked access database password. Please don't do anything while Access Password Genius is running to recover database password automatically. When a window pops up with password, can you copy it to open and access locked access 2013 database.

access locked access 2013 database

After talking about so much above about accessing locked access database with Access Password Genius, have you understand why we choose it when access database is locked?

  1. First, it can recover locked Access database password effectively with 100% guarantee.
  2. Second, data in Access database can keep safe during the process of access password recovery.
  3. Third, user-friendly interface makes it easy for everyone to recover database password.
  4. Fourth, access database password can be recovered quickly with four powerful password attack type in three steps.

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