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Chntpw Doesn’t Find Windows after Boot Computer

Chntpw doesn’t find Windows after boot computer from Chntpw disk. I have ever tried Chntpw boot disk to reset Windows 7 password successfully. But now I have tried several times, it is still fail. How can I do to reset my Windows 7 password?

Is there any way effective for Windows password reset? I need to access Windows 7 instantly, so the password recovery way had better be enough effective, safe and easy to do.

iSunshare Windows Password Genius is such a password recovery way for all of Windows operational systems. It will guarantee for you to reset Windows password in about two minutes, but please make sure you have prepared available computer, bootable USB flash drive or CD/DVD-ROM first. Now please begin:

1. Install Windows Password Genius on an available computer and run it.

2. Insert prepared USB drive into this computer and click “Begin burning” to burn password reset disk into drive.

3. Plug password reset disk into locked Windows 7 computer after successfully burning, and set computer from reset disk. Set computer boot from USB drive or CD-ROM.

4. When locked computer runs Windows password recovery program, select Windows system and user account you need to reset password. Just click “Reset Password” button and user password would be removed.

Now reboot the computer and exit password reset disk to sign into Windows 7 without password.

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