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How Windows 8 Password Reset with USB Disk

If we can get a USB disk which is available for Windows 8 password reset, that would be better, no matter when we forgot Windows password, or how complex the forgotten Windows password is.

Actually, if there is not, you still have two ways to get a USB password reset disk.

  1. Create password reset disk on your accessible Windows 8 computer
  2. Burn password reset disk into USB drive with password recovery tool

Detailed introductions are in two ways to create Windows password reset disk.

Besides USB password reset disk, there are also other kinds of discs that could be used for Windows system recovery or password recovery. For example, Windows USB installation disk could be used to reinstall Windows operational system, so it could remove forgotten Windows password. Windows system restore disc, could restore Windows system to early backup point, at which time, we still could make changes on Windows user accounts. Or use Windows repair disc to refresh Windows system or reset PC.

However, of all the discs for Windows password reset, password reset disk is the only one that you could use to reset Windows password in short time. And you don’t need to worry about anything on computer or system would be deleted or destroyed.  Therefore, when we say the beginning of the passage, you should have guessed we should have gotten USB password reset disk.

Reset Windows 8 password with USB password reset disk            

Click the “Reset Password” button on Windows logon screen, after you type incorrect password. Insert USB disk into your computer and follow Windows forgotten password reset wizard to do. Generally, you are asked to set a new password for this user account. And then finish resetting Windows 8 password and access computer with new password.

forgotten windows 8 password reset wizard

Or if the password reset disk is burned by Windows password recovery tool, such as Windows Password Genius, please insert it to computer and set computer boot from USB. So Windows Password Genius program would run in locked computer. Now you could select user account and “Reset Password”.

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