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How to Bypass WinRAR Password Protected File Password

Probably you cannot bypass RAR/WinRAR password protected file password as you like now just after forgot or lost RAR password. But you must could bypass forgotten .rar password and open RAR/WinRAR file without password next time.

In order to bypass WinRAR file password next time to open, we should find WinRAR file password now and then remove WinRAR file password.

How can we find WinRAR file password?

WinRAR file password recovery tool is undoubtedly a good method. But can it recover all kinds of WinRAR file forgotten password?

Don’t worry. If there is really no such tool that applies to all archive file created in WinRAR, you could take RAR Password Genius to find common RAR file password, and use ZIP Password Genius to find ZIP file password. .rar and .zip file are two popular archives file type. And because of the similarity between RAR and ZIP file password recovery, now we just need to see how to find RAR file password with RAR Password Genius.

1. Look for iSunshare RAR Password Genius to download and install it on computer.

When you download it, you can find there are two versions available, trial and full version. Trial version is free and full version needs to be paid. According to your RAR file password length, choose an appropriate version, because full version can find all kinds of RAR file password.

2. Import RAR file into RAR Password Genius after it is running on computer.

With Open button on RAR password recovery tool, you can browse RAR file on your computer and import it into Encrypted File box.


3. Select RAR password attack type after RAR file is imported.

From Type of attack drop-down list, you can see four powerful password attack types. Each one can recover different kinds of password with high efficiency. More about how to select password attack type and make settings, please see the article Password Recovery Type Settings.

4. Begin to find RAR file password with Start button.


Once you click Start button, RAR Password Genius will begin to find out RAR file password for you. When you see RAR file password appears in pop-up window later, it’s time to remove RAR file password in software WinRAR.

How to bypass WinRAR file password?

  1. Open RAR file in WinRAR now and extract RAR file.
  2. When a dialog pops up and asks for RAR file password, enter it you just found and click OK. Successfully RAR file is extracted and its password is removed.
  3. Select the folder you get from RAR file extraction and compress it again in WinRAR without password protection.
  4. Then you could bypass RAR file password to open or edit it from then on.

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