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Forgot Administrator Password on Windows Vista HP Laptop

I have never wanted to set password for my HP laptop installed with Windows Vista because it is used at home. But one day because of work, I have to take it out. So I set a password for the only administrator password. However, unfortunately, when I got it home and wanted to log into HP laptop, I found I couldn’t think of administrator password. The admin password has been forgotten.

If forgot the only administrator password for Windows Vista login, whether I could only reinstall Windows system to remove forgotten login password? The answer is surely not. Now I will share you two Windows Vista password recovery ways.

Way 1: Reset Forgotten Password with Windows Vista Installation CD

1. Insert Windows Vista installation CD into HP laptop, and set HP laptop boot from CD in CMOS setting.

2. When installation interface appears, click Repair your computer and choose Command Prompt in the following dialog.

3. On the command prompt window, type mmc.exe and press Enter.

4. Choose Add/Remove Snap-ins, and a new dialog will pops up. Select Local Users and Groups from the left side of the window, and click OK to make sure add new button to the Console Root.

5. Return to Console Operation Interface, click “Local Users and Groups” and then click Users. Windows system will list all the users on the right side of window. Right-click the login user you want to reset its password. Choose Set Password and click “Next” in the following “Set Password for Account” dialog.

6. Then a window for setting new password pops up. Now you don’t need to type original password in password box. Just input new password and it would be set directly. Click “OK” and Windows system will prompt you that password reset successfully.

If you don’t have installation CD, take next method into use. It will bring you unexpected result.

Way 2: Reset Windows Vista forgotten administrator password with password tool

Get iSunshare Windows password recovery tool instead of install CD while you have none or you want to reset forgotten Windows Vista password more easily.

Now, Windows 7 Password Genius or Windows Password Genius can help you to complete the whole Windows password reset process. Forgot HP admin password is not a problem but just a question. So learn to reset Windows Vista password with Windows Password Genius is worth.

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