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How to Create SFX Archive with WinRAR and 7-Zip

Self-extracting is one of compressed files. It doesn’t need any other compression software SFX archive exe fileto extract archive, but just double-click the SFX archive executable file and it will be extracted automatically. At most of time, probably we don’t compress files or folder with this format. But undoubtedly, it is convenient for people to use, no matter they have compress software or not.

So in this passage, let’s create SFX archive file with WinRAR and 7Zip.

Option 1: Create a WinRAR SFX archive file

Step 1: Run WinRAR and select the files or folders what you want to use for creating self-extracting RAR or ZIP files.

Step 2: Click on Add button and open Archive name and parameters dialog.

choose files to create sfx in winrar

Step 3: Now you can choose Archive format, and check on the tab General the option Create SFX archive.

choose create sfx archive option in winrar

Step 4: Click on tab Advanced, and click button SFX options.

choose SFX options in winrar

Step 5: In new dialog Advanced SFX options, tab General, and set a Path to extract.

set path to extract SFX

Enter the string “%USERPROFILE%\Desktop” in Path to extract, which will result in automatic selection of option Absolute path which is right.

Besides, you can choose Create in Program Files or Create in the current folder option.

Step 6: Select Modes tab in Advanced SFX options, and check Display all, Hide start dialog or Hide all under Silent mode.

choose SFX unpack mode

“Display all” is default selected. However, if you want to create an SFX archive extracting all files and folders directly to specified location, such as “%USERPROFILE%\Desktop” without showing a window, now you have to choose “Hide all”.

Step 7: Tab Module and select SFX module Default.SFX.

select SFX module

Step 8: Click OK button to close Advanced SFX options window.

Step 9: Enter General tab in Archive name and parameters, and name archive.

name SFX archive in winrar

Step 10: Start compressing files or folders to be SFX archive with OK button.

create SFX archive exe winrar

Option 2: 7-Zip create SFX archive

Step 1: Open 7-Zip. Browse computer and navigate to the files or folders you want to create 7z SFX archive. Select them and click on Add button.

select files to create SFX archive in 7Zip

Step 2: In Add to Archive window, set different parameters for how to create SFX archive.

set parameters to create SFX archive in 7Zip

2-1 Check Create SFX archive under Options.

2-2 Name the SFX archive and choose a location to save SFX archive.

2-3 If you want to encrypt SFX archive, choose Encryption method and set password.

2-4 In Update mode, the default setting is “Add and replace files”. Besides this, you can choose “Update and add files” or other options in drop-down list.

Step 3: Click OK to begin to compress files or folder. You would see the executable file in the location where you choose to save SFX archive.

7Zip create SFX archive

So now if you want to extract SFX archive, just double click it.

extract SFX archive

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