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How to Increase File Compression Ratio in WinRAR

Probably you have met these questions, or maybe you have encountered one of them. Or you are facing such problems now.

In fact, no matter which one you want to ask, when you solve the problem how to increase file compression ratio in compression software, the others will be answered surely. Therefore, see the steps for how to achieve this goal.

Step 1: Choose compression software with high compression ratio.

7-Zip and WinRAR are two compression utilities that are designed with high compression ratio. And WinRAR is used by us usually. So now let’s choose WinRAR to learn how to increase file compression ratio.

Step 2: Set different kinds of parameters in WinRAR to increase file compression ratio.

When WinRAR is run on your computer, what can you do for file compression ratio improvement? Actually, this is also the process to create an archive with high compression ratio.

1. In WinRAR window, browse to the directory where the files you want to zip, select them and click Add button.

choose folder to increase compression ratio

2. In following appearing Advanced name and parameters window, under General tab, move your mouse to Archiving options. Check Create solid archive and Lock archive two options.

create solid archive to increase compression ratio

3. Choose Best in Compression method.

4. Now select Advanced tab in Advanced name and parameters window, and click Compression button.

open winrar compression parameters window

A new window would pop up, Advanced compression parameters. In this window, you can make more detailed settings to improve file compression effect according to file type you prepare to compress.

4-1 If they are the common documents or files, choose Force under Text compression. Set Prediction order as 63 (2-63), and Memory to use as 256.

The two parameters should be set up based on specific circumstance. The larger the value is, the more memory space would be occupied. And if decompression memory is smaller than compression memory, archive would probably go wrong.

increase text and audio compression ratio

4-2 If they are uncompressed video or audios, choose Force under Audio compression. Set Channel as 4 or 0. Generally, WinRAR will choose sound channel automatically.

4-3 If they are image files that haven’t been compressed, such as BMP or TIF, select Force under True color compression. Probably they would be compressed smaller than JPG. But if the images are JFG format, it would be not necessary to compress them.

increase image compression ratio

5. Under General compression, set dictionary size as 4096 KB. Click OK in window Advanced compression parameters and Advanced name and parameters to compress files you open.

Then files will be compressed with above settings in WinRAR.

create archive with high compression ratio

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