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How to Open and Edit MDB File without Microsoft Access

If there isn’t any accident, MDB file should be opened and edited in Microsoft Access. However, you cannot make sure Microsoft Access has been installed on your computer, when you get a MDB file or ACCDB file from others. So it would be important now to look for another way to open and edit MDB file.

In order to satisfy more people who have no Microsoft Access for MDB file open and editing, as much tools as possible will be introduced in the following passage. Believe there is always one suitable for you.

1. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is often used when Microsoft Access cannot work. When you have no Microsoft Access to open MDB file, you can import MDB file into Microsoft Excel. But probably data will be saved in some other spreadsheet format.

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2. MDB Viewer Plus

Besides Microsoft Excel, MDB Viewer Plus is another tool that is usually used to open and edit MDB files.

It does not need to be installed to run. It uses Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) which is installed as part of Windows. It can open, view, edit, filter, sort, import to, export from, modify and search MDB and ACCDB files.

Other features of MDB Viewer Plus:

3. LibreOffice Base

You can create, edit and view MDB file free with LibreOffice Base. It can also open various other types of MS Access files easily. It lets you modify, search, sort, import, filter and export MDB files.

4. Apache OpenOffice Base

It helps user to open, view, edit and create MDB files when no Microsoft Access. Also, you can import and export MDB files with it.

5. Oxygen Professional Base

MDB files can be created, viewed and edited easily and quickly with it. Besides, MDB files can be imported into or export from it quickly.

6. RIA-Media Viewer

It can open and view MDB files easily and quickly. Not only MDB file, it also supports file formats e.g. DBF, PDF, FLV, SWDF, XML, JPG and many more.

7. DB-Tool

It is lightweight and free, but this doesn’t influence its functionality to open, view, edit, convert, MDB files. As data conversion tool for MS Access and databases, it supports file formats e.g. MDB, ACCDB, XML and many more.

8. ANTLOG Table Editor

As a lightweight and useful tool, it helps to open, view and edit MDB files free, and quickly modify contents of SQL Server, ACCDB, MDB and XML database tables. But if you want to open MDB files successfully with it, you need to install MS Access DB Engine in your computer first.

9. Notepad

It’s worth a try to open MDB file with Notepad or another text editor. Many files are text-only files meaning no matter the file extension. So a text editor may be able to properly display MDB file’s contents.

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