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How to Reset Active Directory Admin Password on Windows Server 2012

What can we do if we forgot the active directory admin password on Windows Server 2012? Reinstalling a new Windows operating system will be the last option that we can choose, if we do not have other options. Nowadays, we do not have to reinstall a new system, because a powerful software, iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced, is created to reset varied kinds of Windows AD admin passwords or other local user passwords. In the following, we will list the steps of using the software to reset active directory admin password on Windows Server 2012.

Steps to reset active directory admin password for Windows server 2012:

Step 1: In another computer you can access, download iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced and install it.

Step 2: Create a recovery disk by USB device or CD/DVD. And USB device is selected for further illustration.

1. Choose USB device in the following screen.


2. Insert an USB flash drive and click Begin burning button.


3. Hit OK after burning successfully which indicates the recovery disk is successfully created.


Step 3: Reboot the Windows Server 2012 computer from the reset disk.

Note: How to set computer boot from USB drive

1. Insert the USB device into the computer.

2. Start the computer, immediately and continuously press F2/Delete/Esc/F1/F12 until the BIOS Setup Utility screen shows. Move Removable Devices with + to the first line in the Boot menu.


3. Press F10 and Enter to save changes and exit.


Step 4: Reset the password to the domain/active directory user after booting.

1. Select Windows system and domain user, then click Reset password.

2. After setting new password, press Reboot. Then click Yes to eject USB device and restart the computer.


Step 5: Log in the Windows Server 2012 computer with new active directory admin password.


Briefly speaking, these steps are quite simple and clear. Meanwhile, as a famous saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” If you learn the method well, you are suggested to put it into practice. Otherwise, you may be in hurry when you forget your active directory admin password one day.


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