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How to Encrypt Word Document of Microsoft Office 2007

Do you want to encrypt some word documents of Microsoft Office 2007 which are of great importance? If your answer is yes, you can learn from this text about how to encrypt word document of Microsoft Office 2007.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to make the encryption. Please refer to the following part.

Way 1

1. Open a word document, click the Office Button, point at Save As and choose Word Document.


2. Hit the Tools at the left corner as the Save As screen appears. Then click General Options, as shown by the following screen shot.


3. After General Options screen shows up, enter password in the blank space behind Password to open and click OK.


4. Reenter password in the Confirm Password screen and hit OK.


5. Finally, click Save in the right corner of the Save As screen.


Way 2

1. Click the Office Button, point at Prepare and hit Encrypt Document.


2. As the Encrypt Document screen appears, enter password in the blank space and click OK.


3. Reenter the password and hit OK.


To make a conclusion, two ways of setting a password to word document of Microsoft Office 2007 are provided, and you can choose whichever you like to encrypt your word documents.

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