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What Lead to iOS Data Loss and How to Recover

iOS data loss is a common problem we always encounter, but what really leads to that? How can we do to prevent iOS data loss? And how to recover lost iOS data?

Part 1: Top 10 Reasons of iOS Data Loss

1. iOS Data accidental deletion due to disoperation

Even though lots of people couldn’t realize, one of the most common reasons for iOS data loss is still user operation error. Most users probably delete photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, etc. from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by pressing wrong button.

Note: When you need to delete files from iOS devices, just keep in mind to check carefully they are what you want to delete.

2. Failed iOS jailbreak

Jailbreak, especially iOS failed jailbreak would cause iOS data loss. Besides, your devices will avoid warranty, and this operation often got stuck in DFU mode. Thus, you may lose access to data.

Note: Before you decide to jailbreak your iOS devices, please be sure that you can do it in right way, otherwise it’s risky that your data stored on that device will be lost.

3. iDevices got damaged, smashed or broken

Another common reason for iOS data loss is the physical damage of the device, such as dropping into water, falling onto the ground, etc. All of these accidents may lead to iDevices damage, smashed or broken. At the same time, data on iDevices becomes inaccessible too.

Note: Please be careful to keep your iOS device in a safe place and don’t forget to sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod with iTunes in time for data backup.

Tip: How to Restore Lost Contacts on Broken iPhone 4S | iPhone Contact Recovery

4. iOS device is lost or stolen

iOS data would be lost if the iOS device is lost or stolen because of carelessness. So pay attention to your iOS device in safe place when you are outside or there are crowds of people.

5. iOS upgrade or downgrade

Believe lots of people have encountered the data loss after updating or downgrading iOS versions. Therefore, if you want to prevent data loss after iOS upgrade or downgrade, it is necessary to back up your iOS data to iTunes or iCloud every time before you try to change iOS version.

Tip: Three Ways to Restore Lost Data from iPhone/iPad/iPod after iOS Upgrade

6. iOS devices stuck in recovery mode or system crash

When iOS devices stuck in recovery mode, or iOS system is crashed, your iOS device screen will be blank with Apple logo in white. However, while your iOS device comes back to normal, all data on iOS device have been gone.

So in order to avoid iOS data loss because of stuck in recovery mode, we should be careful when installing some unsecured Apps on your iOS device.

7. iOS factory restore

As is known, restoring your iOS device to factory settings would erase all of your device personal information and data from iOS device, although it retains some of its apps. Thus it would be better to back up your iOS data before you restore device to factory settings. If you forget to backup, refer to the last part of the content to recover the lost data of iOS.


8. Replacing iOS device battery

Replacing the battery has the same effect as resetting your device, even though all flash memory in iOS device is retained without power. So your files will be erased from device if you replace iOS device battery casually.

9. iOS virus attack

Sometimes, if your iOS device is attacked by virus, you would also lose the data saved on it. Therefore, be careful when installing Apps on the device.

10. iOS devices locked by forgotten password

If your iOS device has been protected with a password, but unfortunately you forgot it, you may get stuck in the locked screen and have no access to your data. The precautionary measures are to write down the password and save it in safe place to avoid password forgotten.

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Part 2: How to Do after iOS Data Loss

After iOS data loss, what to do to recover lost data? When you really have to deal with iOS data loss problem, an effective even powerful iOS data recovery tool would be a good choice. It had better can recover iOS lost data no matter there is a backup or not. Had better it gives users privileges to choose which kind of data to be recovered.

If you couldn’t find such iOS data recovery app, iOS Data Genius is worth for you to effectively recover iPhone/iPad/iPod lost or deleted data.

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