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How to Boot to BIOS in Different Computers

Usually, when we boot up a computer, it will automatically first boot up a utility which will check the hardware and then load necessary application software to the related devices to make the computer come to life. Typically, this privileged utility can be called BIOS, which is a firmware that attached to the motherboard of each computer by default. In BIOS, you can handle the hardware such as the hard disk, RAM, and graphic card, which will greatly affect your computer performance. So you should know how to boot to BIOS in different computers. Due to the different brands of computers, the ways to boot to BIOS may differ. So we will focus on some famous brands and demonstrate their ways to boot to BIOS.

Boot to BIOS in Acer Boot to BIOS in Compaq Boot to BIOS in Dell
Boot to BIOS in Emachines Boot to BIOS in Fujitsu Boot to BIOS in Gateway
Boot to BIOS in HP Boot to BIOS in IBM Boot to BIOS in Lenovo
Boot to BIOS in Nec Boot to BIOS in Packard Bell Boot to BIOS in Samsung
Boot to BIOS in Sharp Boot to BIOS in Sony Boot to BIOS in Toshiba

acer logo

Acer has different models of computers such as Apire, Power, Veriton, Extensa, Ferrari, TravelMate, Altos. Here are some ways to boot to BIOS for them respectively.

compaq logo

Compaq owns Presario, Prolinea, Deskpro, Systempro and Portable. And their ways to boot to BIOS are shown below.

dell logo

Dell is well known for being a worldwide computer manufacturer, it owns many sub-brand computers such as XPS, Dimension, Inspiron, Latitude, OptiPlex, Precision, Vostro.

emachines logo

Emachines is famous for its practical product. It has eMonster, eTower, eOne, S-Series, T-Series computers, and those computers can boot to BIOS in the under ways.

fujitsu logo

Fujitsu is famous Japanese computer manufacturer, and it has diversity sub-brands. Just follow the under steps to make them boot to BIOS if you want.

gateway logo

Gateway and its sub-brands:DX, FX, One, GM, GT, GX, Profile, Astro. Follow under steps to boot to BIOS.

hp logo

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is the biggest personal computer manufacturer. It owns Pavilion, TouchSmart, Vectra, OmniBook, Tablet. The ways for them to boot to BIOS are listed below.

ibm logo

IBM is famous for its Super Computers, but it did have some personal computer brands. Their ways to boot to BIOS are listed below.

lenovo logo

Lenovo is also a worldwide famous technology company. ThinkPad, IdeaPad, 3000 Series, ThinkCentre, ThinkStation are the sub-brands of it. There are under steps for them to boot to BIOS.

nec logo

Nec is a computer manufacturer whose headquarter located in minato-ku, Japan. And it has many good products. But the way to boot to BIOS is simple. You can follow the under step.

packard bell logo

Packard Bell is a computer company that located in Netherlands. As the biggest computer manufacturer in Europ, it has made some good products such as 8900 Series, 9000 Series, Pulsar, Platinum, EasyNote, imedia, iextreme. But its way to boot to BIOS is also very simple.

samsung logo

Samsung is a famous manufacturer of computers. It has many computer products. And the way to boot to BIOS is shown below.

sharp logo

Sharp is a Japanese based computer manufacturer. It has released some Notebook Laptops like Actius UltraLite. And the ways to boot to BIOS are shown below.

sony logo

Sony is a worldwide technology company, it has made different name of computers such as VAIO, PCG-Series, VGN-Series. All those computers can boot to BIOS by under way.

Toshiba logo

Being a famous Japanese company in the world, it has released many good computers such as Portégé, Satellite, Tecra, Equium. The ways of booting to BIOS may differ from different series, just adapt the under steps to your computer.

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