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How to Fix the Blank or Black Screen on a Computer

Have you ever experienced the blank or black screen when booting up a computer? If it does, you may clearly understand the feeling when facing this disgusting problem. A computer display goes blank or black for many reasons. It can be related to either some hardware problems such as the video card, cables, monitor, RAM or motherboard or the software settings. Here we will offer some methods. You can adapt the methods to your situations. Hope them will be useful.

  1. Go and Check the Monitor Power Supply
  2. Reset your Monitor Display Settings
  3. Check the Hardware of the Computer

Go and Check the Monitor Power Supply

First, you should go and check the monitor power supply and make sure that the monitor is turned on. Usually, the power button of the monitor will emit a faint light when the monitor is working. If the monitor is on and the screen is still in black, then you can try to press the menu buttons to wake up the built-in monitor controls. If it still doesn't work, you should just replace the screen of your computer, if it is a desktop computer, go and buy a new monitor. If it is a laptop, go and see how to replace the screen of a laptop.

Reset your Monitor Display Settings

Sometimes your computer would be in black or blank after making some changes in display resolutions. Once a computer monitor does not support the display resolutions, the screen of it may stay in blank or black. If you have a desktop computer, you can make your computer connect to an advanced monitor, and do some display resolution setting changes to adapt to the previous one. You can also go to the safe mode to reset the display resolution. And Steps are shown below.

Step 1: Press F8 key when computer starts to boot up.

open safe mode

Note: Due to a different kind of computers, you should adapt the way of opening safe mode to your computer.

Step 2: In the safe mode, go to the Start Menu and type Control Panel into the search bar to open the Control Panel window.

select control panel

Step 3: Find and click Display item in the Control Panel window.

select the display item

Step 4: Find the option called Adjust resolution on the left side of the Display window. Then select a proper resolution for the monitor.

click adjust resolution

reset display resolution

Check the Hardware of the Computer

Last, you can go to check the hardware of the computer. Sometimes the problem with another piece of hardware can make the display go blank. To avoid this, open up your computer and make sure everything is connected or seated properly.

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