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Run Different Safe Modes on Dell Computer

Dell computer is a very good choice for computer users, but it still has some problems. You should know run different safe modes on Dell computer to save your computer from troubles. Safe mode is a built-in function of Windows, it can help you identify the problems in your computer system. You can try booting the system into safe mode as a troubleshooting step before running up your official computer maintenance process. In this basic operating mode, the computer loads only the basic default settings and basic device drivers, so it becomes easier to find out if the problem is deep within Windows, or just with one of your software or other peripherals.

Follow the steps to boot your Dell computer to Advanced Boot Menu.

safe mode main menu

Note: The above tricks apply to Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and if your computer has booted to Windows, just turn it off and repeat the above actions.

Typically, you can do it with three different safe modes. You should follow the under introductions to decide which kind of safe mode that is best for you.

Safe Mode without Networking on Dell Computers

safe mode without net

Safe mode without networking on Dell Computers is always being the choice when you are sure that some issues occurred without any relationship with the network, so you can boot to this option then begin a troubleshoot.

Safe Mode with Networking on Dell Computers

safe mode with net

Safe Mode with Networking starts Windows with the same set of drivers and services as Safe Mode but also includes those necessary for the networking services to function. Choose Safe Mode with Networking for the same reasons you'd chose Safe Mode but when you do expect to need access to your network or the Internet.

This Safe Mode option is often used when Windows won't start and you suspect you'll need access to the Internet to download drivers, follow a troubleshooting guide.

Safe Mode with Command Prompt on Dell Computer

safe mode with command prompt

Safe Mode with Command Prompt is identical to Safe Mode except that command prompt is loaded as the default user interface instead of Explorer. Choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt if you've tried Safe Mode but the taskbar, Start screen, or Desktop doesn't load properly. So if you are experienced with using a command prompt, it is recommended to boot to this kind of safe mode to troubleshoot.

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