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Fix Can't Uncheck Encrypt iPhone Backup in iTunes in 2 Cases

Believe you have tried to uncheck iPhone backup in iTunes just like following steps when you don't want to encrypt iTunes backup later for iPhone.

1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes on Windows/ Mac computer.

2. Click your device icon at the top-left side in iTunes.

click device icon in iTunes

3. Uncheck the Encrypt iPhone backup option under Backups.

uncheck encrypt iphone backup in iTunes with password

4. While a dialog asks the backup password you previously set, enter it to successfully uncheck Encrypt iPhone backup.

But what if you can't uncheck encrypt iPhone backup in iTunes because of some reasons?

The passage will list two possible reasons why you can't uncheck encrypt iPhone backup in iTunes and provide effective solutions for you to fix it.

Case 1: Can't uncheck encrypt iPhone backup when forgot password

No matter you forgot iPhone backup password or don't know the backup password, it is impossible to directly turn off encrypt iPhone backup option without password. But if the iPhone backup password can be found, it will be different and you can uncheck encrypt iPhone backup at any time in a general way. So why not get the effective iSunshare iTunes password recovery tool to recover iPhone backup forgotten or unknown password at first on Windows or Mac computer?

forgot iphone backup password

Step 1: Prepare iSunshare iTunes Password Genius and iPhone backup.

1. Find an accessible Windows or Mac computer, and get iTunes Password Genius or iTunes Password Genius for Mac to install and run.

2. Make sure where the iPhone backups are saved, default iPhone backup location or external drive. If they are saved on external drive, please connect the drive to computer.

Note: Now we will run iTunes Password Genius on Windows PC to recover iTunes backup forgotten password. The steps are similar to run iTunes Password Genius for Mac on Mac computer.

prepare itunes password recovery tool

Step 2: Add or import encrypted iPhone backup.

Click Open button and on pop-up dialog, some backups will be checked out automatically. Choose your iPhone backup and add it to iTunes Password Genius. If you cannot find iPhone backup from the list, please firstly browse the iPhone backup default location and then other possible drive if you have changed iPhone backup location before.

add or import encrypted iphone backup

Step 3: Recover iPhone backup password in high speed.

In order to recover iPhone backup password in high speed and save your time, it is necessary to improve password recovery settings in iTunes Password Genius. By default, Brute-force is selected and there are no settings for this password recovery type. Therefore, browse the Type of attack to choose one according to what you know about forgotten iPhone backup password.

1. While you still remember some characters included in the password, choose Mask and set Mask feature. Otherwise, Brute-force is recommended.

2. Don't forget to shorten the password range and length no matter which password attack type you choose.

3. Click on Start button to recover iPhone backup password.

choose a attack type to recover iphone backup password

4. Copy the recovered iPhone backup password to uncheck encrypt iPhone backup in iTunes just like the descriptions at the beginning of this article.

copy recovered password to turn off encrypt iphone backup

Case 2: Can't uncheck encrypt iPhone backup when it is greyed out

Sometimes, even though you know iPhone backup password, you still can't disable encrypt iPhone backup option, because the option is greyed out.

encrypt iphone backup greyed out

How to fix Encrypt iPhone backup option greyed out?

As I know, this can be caused by installed Profiles. To enable the option "Encrypt iPhone backup", just need to turn on your iPhone and delete the profiles. Go to Settings > General > Profile and tap on the profile, then tap Delete Profile. Then connect your iPhone to iTunes on computer and uncheck Encrypt iPhone backup.

find and delete iphone profiles

But keep in mind Profile only shows up if you actually have profiles installed on the device. If you find no profiles on iPhone, how can you do? Check whether there is "Device Management" under Settings > General. If you see, it means that "Profiles" is changed to "Device Management".


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