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Cannot Remember Windows 10 Password | How to Sign in

Cannot remember password to log into Windows 10 PC/laptop/tablet? Don't be anxious. Besides the forgotten Windows 10 password, other login users or sign-in options still help you easily access Windows 10 computer.

For example, you can choose the alternative methods below to sign in Windows 10 instead of password-forgotten user account after forgot Windows 10 password.

  1. Method 1: PIN code or Picture Password
  2. Method 2: Microsoft Account and Its New Password
  3. Method 3: Administrator Account

windows 10 cannot remember password

Method 1: Sign in Windows 10 PC with PIN/Picture Password

sign in Windows 10 with PIN or Picture password

While you are prompted that Windows 10 local user login password is incorrect, click OK and probably you will see Sign-in options under the password input box, if you have added sign-in options on windows 10 for this user.

So don't hesitate to click Sign-in options and choose one of them, PIN code or Picture password. Then type the digital codes or draw three gestures you have set on a picture to login computer.

Both of them would work nothing different from local user password which you ever used to sign in.

Note: If you cannot see the sign-in options, it means you have not created them. Please try another available method.

Method 2: Access Windows 10 Computer with Microsoft Account New Password

If you find an Microsoft account (an account with email address) on login screen, it means you have added Microsoft account for Windows 10 logon. I should congratulate you, because there is now a free chance for you to reset Microsoft account password on Microsoft account password reset page, even you have forgotten Microsoft account password for Windows 10 logon. Then you could sign in Windows 10 with this Microsoft account and its new password.

1. Go to Microsoft account password reset page on another computer.

2. Select the reason and enter the Microsoft account you need to reset password.

select reason to reset Microsoft account password

3. Verify Microsoft account with security code you get through an email or phone number.

verify windows 10 microsoft account

4. Enter a new password twice to reset it for Microsoft account.

reset new password for microsoft account

5. Select Microsoft account on Windows 10 login screen, and type its new password to access computer.

Want to get more effective way for Microsoft account password reset? Please see how to reset Microsoft account password for Windows 8/10.

Note: If no Microsoft accounts are available on Windows 10 login screen, the above method would not work. You just could sign in Windows 10 with administrator account instead, no matter it is the password-forgotten one or a new admin account.


Method 3: Sign in Windows 10 with Administrator Account

1. Sign in Windows 10 with built-in administrator

If there is an account called Administrator on login screen, please choose it and check whether it asks for a password, because it is the built-in administrator, which is created disabled by default without password protection in the process of Windows 10 system installation.

If it requires a password you don't know, just need to reset the forgotten Windows 10 built-in administrator password with password reset disk or Windows Password Genius.

sign in windows 10 with built-in administrator

2. Sign in with another local administrator account

Surely you don't need to consist on Windows 10 built-in administrator, because sometimes it is disabled or sometimes it requires password while enabled. No matter which happens, another local administrator account looks smarter for you at any time. So are you ready to use the password-forgotten user account or create new admin account now for locked Windows 10 logon? Here is an effective tool suggested for you.

Step 1: Get and run Windows 10 Password Genius on another Windows computer.

Step 2: Find a bootable USB drive to burn Windows 10 Password Genius.

burn password recovery program into usb

Step 3: Boot Windows 10 from USB recovery disc and make admin account available.

1. Plug USB recovery disc into locked Windows 10 computer and start Windows 10 computer from USB flash drive.

2. While Windows 10 Password Genius successfully runs on Windows 10 and lists all user accounts, select the password-forgotten administrator and click on Reset Password button. Then click Yes on pop-up dialog to remove Windows 10 administrator password. Or click on Add User to create a new account with administrative privileges.

run password recovery program in windows 10

remove windows 10 admin password

At last, it is time to tap on Reboot button and eject USB recovery disc, in order to restart Windows 10 from hard drive and validate the changes. Select the local administrator account on login screen and sign in Windows 10.

login windows 10 without password

In a word, you have two choices to sign in Windows 10 again while Windows 10 forgot password and you are locked out of Windows 10 computer.

And actually with only Windows 10 Password Genius, you can easily do this without any damage on your computer.

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