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Forgot Dell Windows 7 Login Password

I have forgotten my laptop Dell login password, what should I do? I cannot login Dell laptop, and I could not do anything with laptop. Now it is installed with Windows 7 Ultimate. How can I recover Windows 7 password?

If you encountered this type of problem, and has solution, please share it with us. If you are still annoyed by this problem, don't be anxious, because we are going to analyse it and find answer to it in this article. Now let's start in the form of questions and answers.

Q1: Do you have other login user or administrators for dell laptop?

How do you know whether you have other login user or administrators?

Press Ctrl + Alt + Del, and choose "Swith User" in new window, then you can see all of user account for your dell laptop. Whether you can login Windows 7 with them, you have to try them one by one. If you remember the administrator password, that would be OK. If you only remember standard user password, sign in Windows 7 is not problematic, but change user password would not be allowed.

Q2: Have you created password reset disk with USB device in your Dell laptop?

Once you try to type incorrect password to login dell laptop, "Reset password" button could appear after you click OK. Take the reset disk that you think it is password reset disk for dell laptop, and follow Password Reset Wizard to do. If it can successfully reset Windows 7 password, it would be better. If not, you should look for other ways.

Q3: Whether you can create new administrator or password reset disk for locked dell laptop?

Generally, when you are locked out of computer, you cannot create new user account or password reset disk. But if you have Windows password recovery tool in hand, such as Windows 7 Password Genius, it would become different. The password recovery tool will help you to create password reset disk first, and then you can get this reset disk to create new administrator or remove Windows 7 dell laptop password.

Q4: How to make full use of new administrator or password reset disk to solve problem?

In the last question, as long as you boot your locked dell laptop from password reset disk, new administrator can be created, and forgotten dell laptop password could be removed at the same time. About the new administrator, after you reboot dell laptop, you can login laptop with it.

Q5: Is there any other way that can recover dell laptop Windows 7 login password, besides administrator and password reset disk? What are they?

Surely, there is. But maybe they are not so easy to use like Windows 7 Password Genius. For example, Windows installation CD or system recovery disk, that can change Windows 7 user password with script or command. Surely you can try these ways, if you are confident in your computer technology.

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