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How to Unlock Dell XPS Laptop Windows 10 Password Forgot

Just because of Windows 10 login password forgot, I am locked out of my Dell XPS 15 laptop. I know Windows system reinstallation can help me to remove forgotten password and unlock locked laptop. But I don’t want to lose important data saved on the laptop at the same time. Is there any way that can unlock my Dell XPS Windows 10 laptop and do no damage to data on my laptop?

Surely there must have been many ways that can unlock locked computer. But you should have to choose one effective for your locked Dell XPS laptop. Following two ways are what I know that can unlock all Windows 8/10 computer effectively. They would also work for your Dell XPS 15 laptop.

Way 1: Unlock Dell XPS laptop by enabled built-in administrator

The built-in administrator is created by default with the Windows system installation. But it is disabled unless you enable it by yourself. If it is enabled, you will see an account called Administrator on the left-bottom side of Windows 10 login screen. It is just the built-in administrator we say that can login Windows 10 Dell XPS 15 laptop without password.

Just select it on login screen after you forgot Dell XPS laptop local account login password, and click Sign in button. You will easily unlock your locked Dell XPS 15 laptop.

unlock dell xps laptop with built-in administrator

How to enable built-in administrator when your laptop is accessible?

  1. Run command prompt as administrator.
  2. Type command net user administrator /active:yes and press Enter to enable built-in administrator.

Way 2: Unlock Dell XPS laptop by Windows forgotten password recovery

For Windows 8/8.1/10 password recovery, we should have to talk it in two parts, because probably either local account or Microsoft account is used to secure or lock computer. Therefore, if you prepare to unlock Dell XPS 15 laptop by recovering forgotten Windows password, it would be required to discuss in two parts according to lock account type. Presently, local account password reset is still different from Microsoft account password reset.

  1. Unlock Dell XPS laptop by Windows 8/10 local account password remove
  2. Unlock Dell XPS laptop by Windows 8/10 Microsoft account password reset

Part 1: Unlock Dell XPS laptop by Windows 8/10 local account password remove

For your locked Dell XPS laptop, surely you just need to follow this part to unlock your Dell laptop after Windows 10 password forgot.

So which utility can remove Windows 10 forgotten local account password? It is undoubtedly iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced that can remove Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP forgotten local and domain password, and reset forgotten Windows Server 2012/2008/2005/2003/2000 password. Besides, what is worth mentioning is that it could also reset Windows 8 forgotten Microsoft account password.

How can it remove your dell laptop windows 10 forgotten password and unlock locked dell XPS laptop? Just see the steps below.

Step 1: Get Windows Password Genius Advanced and burn a password reset disk.

  1. Install and run Windows Password Genius Advanced on another available computer, no matter which system is installed.
  2. Insert bootable USB flash drive and choose media type USB device on the program.
  3. Select inserted USB device and click the button Begin burning to format and burn password reset disk into it. Few seconds later, you will successfully get a Windows password reset disk when you see a message “Successfully burning” popping up.

create dell xps laptop password reset disk

Step 2: Remove Dell XPS laptop forgotten Windows 10 password with disk.

  1. Plug USB reset disk into locked Dell XPS laptop.
  2. Start locked laptop and boot it from USB drive.
  3. When Windows Password Genius Advanced runs on locked laptop and reloads the system information and all local user accounts, select the login account you forgot password and tap on Reset Password button. Then the login account password will be removed after you click Yes button on the pop-up dialog.

remove dell xps laptop forgotten windows 10 password

Step 3: Unlock locked Dell XPS laptop.

Click Reboot button now on Windows Password Genius Advanced to restart locked dell XPS laptop. And remember to exit the USB drive in time from locked laptop. Otherwise, locked XPS laptop will boot from USB reset disk again.

reboot locked dell xps laptop after local login password remove

exit windows password recovery disk

On Dell laptop login screen, select the account you just remove password with password reset disk. And you can sign in locked dell laptop without password.

unlock locked dell xps laptop after windows 10 password recovery

Part 2: Unlock Dell XPS laptop by Windows 8/10 Microsoft account password reset

Suppose your Dell XPS laptop is set up login with Microsoft account, and its password is forgotten. You will need to follow this part to unlock your locked Dell XPS laptop after Windows password forgot, because you could only reset Microsoft account password to login laptop again.

1. For locked Windows 8/10 Microsoft account, you can go to the service page provided by Microsoft to reset forgotten Microsoft account password.

reset dell xps laptop forgotten Microsoft account password

2. For Windows 8 Microsoft account, you could also reset Microsoft account password with password reset disk you created with Windows Password Genius Advanced. Just like the process of local account password remove in part 1.

reset dell xps laptop windows 8 Microsoft account password

In summary, it is sure that you can always unlock locked Dell laptop with Windows Password Genius Advanced or Microsoft account password reset service provided by Microsoft Corporation.

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