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How to Change Computer Name on Windows 8

"Hi, there. I've heard that the computer name can be changed, but I don't know how to make it. If you know the concrete method, please illustrate it as detailed as possible. Thanks a lot."

To meet the requirement above, this article will specially expound the steps to change computer name in Windows 8 computer.

Video guide on how to change computer name on Windows 8:

Steps to change computer name on Windows 8:

Step 1: Right-click Computer on the desktop and choose Properties in the context menu.

Tips: If there is no Computer icon on your computer desktop, you can find the method to add it in How to Show and Hide Desktop Icons on Windows 8/8.1.

Step 2: In the System window, find and open Change settings beside computer name.

Step 3: As the System Properties window opens, tap the Change button in Computer Name settings.

Step 4: Change the computer name to a new one and click OK.

In this step, regarding to the new computer name, the following two things should be paid attention to.

1. If the name is composed of two or more words, there must have a hyphen (i.e. "-") between words, or there should be no spaces between words.

2. Do not contain characters that are not allowed, including `, ~, !, @, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), =, +, _, [, ], {, }, \, |, ;, :, ., ', ", <, >, / and ?.

Step 5: In the pop-up dialog box titled Computer Name/Domain Changes, tap OK to get ready to restart the computer so as to apply the computer name change.

Step 6: Click Close in System Properties window to turn it off.

Step 7: As the Microsoft Windows dialog box turns up, select Restart Now to restart the computer.

After restarting, in the System window, you can see that the computer name has been changed to the new one.

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