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How to Change Desktop Background in Windows 8/8.1

A large number of computer users are apt to make their desktop background changeable and vivified. What about you? If you are also on their side, you may deeply feel about the light mood when the desktop background is modified to another enjoyable picture. However, this kind of feeling can only be experienced after you successfully changed the desktop background on your computer. And for your convenience, this text will specially show you how to make it in Windows 8/8.1 computer.

Video guide on how to change desktop background in Windows 8:

3 ways to change desktop background in Windows 8/8.1 computer:

Way 1: Change desktop background in Control Panel.

Step 1: On the Start screen (or Metro Interface), right-tap a tile or blank area, and choose All apps on the bottom right corner.

Step 2: As the Apps screen appears, find and click Control Panel to enter it.

Step 3: In the Control Panel window, choose Change desktop background under Appearance and Personalization.

Step 4: When the Desktop Background turns up, click Browse to select a picture from your computer, or choose a picture from the picture list, and then tap Save changes to make the settings take effect.

Tips: You are also able to create a slide show with the pictures. More specifically speaking, in the Desktop Background window, click Select all button to choose all the existing photos, select a time to change the picture according to the time interval, and then click Save changes to finish the process. For another clear description, please refer to the following picture.

Way 2: Modify desktop background in Personalization settings.

Step 1: On the desktop, press the composite key of Windows key+I to open the Settings panel, and choose Personalization in it.

Step 2: In the Personalization window, locate and click Desktop Background to get into it.

Step 3: Follow the instruction in the fourth step of Way 1.

Way 3: Change desktop background in Desktop Background settings.

Step 1: Use Windows key+F to open the Search bar, enter desktop background in the box and select Settings to move on.

Step 2: In the search results, click Change desktop background.

Step 3: This step is the same as the fourth step of Way 1, so you can make reference to the above operation.

Believe it or not, change your computer desktop background and your mood will be changed accordingly. What's more, you will lose nothing by having a try.

Tips: You are also able to prevent others from changing the desktop background on your PC. For more info, please refer to How to Prevent Changing Desktop Background in Windows 8/8.1.

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