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10 Keyboard Shortcuts of Windows 8 Developer Preview

Have you ever installed the operating system of Windows 8 Developer Preview in your computer? Do you know some of its representative keyboard shortcuts? If you have no idea about them, you can learn 10 shortcut keys (hot keys) of Windows 8 Developer Preview in this article. Please go on reading.

Hot key 1: Windows Key+Number Key
You can use the shortcut key to switch to the traditional desktop and launch the application programs in taskbar. Moreover, the order of the number keys from left to right successively corresponds to the corresponding programs. BTW, the Windows key is the key located between Ctrl key and Alt key on the left corner of keyboard.

Hot key 2: Windows Key+E
It is used for switching the Task Manager to the traditional desktop and opening My Computer under browse mode. What’s more, the function of this hot key can also be applied in Windows 7.

Hot key 3: Windows Key+F
You can use it to open the Search Menu. And if the F key is replaced by Q key, the system will search only for application programs.

Hot key 4: Windows Key+L
Quickly lock the system and enter the lock screen.

Hot key 5: Windows Key+O
If you are tablet computer user, you can use it to make conversion between horizontal screen and vertical screen.

Hot key 6: Windows Key+Z
It is applied for open program bar in Metro interface.

Hot key 7: Windows Key+Arrow Key
Place opened windows in the screen sidebar (only used in traditional desktop mode).

Hot key 8: Windows Key+M
You can use it to minimize windows placed at the top.

Hot key 9: Windows Key+R
Open Run Menu, and run the advanced adjustment operation.

Hot key 10: Windows Key+C
Open the Charms Menu.

After learning the 10 keyboard shortcuts above, you will find it easier and more convenient to use Windows 8 Developer Preview. So just read and keep them in mind.


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