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Common Shortcuts or Composite Keys and Their Functions

Do you know any shortcut keys or composite keys of computer? Because both of them bring great convenience to us when we use computers, so this text will introduce some commonly used shortcuts/ composite keys and their functions to you.

F1: Display the current programs and the dialog box of Windows Help and Support.

F2: Rename. Rename a file, folder, software and so on when you choose one.

F3: Open Search dialog box. It is applied on the desktop.

F10/ Alt: Active the current program’s Menu Bar.

Delete: Remove the selected item. Moreover, if a file or folder is erased by Delete key, it will be moved to the Recycle Bin.

Windows key/ Ctrl+Esc: Open the Start Menu.

Shift+Delete: Remove the selected item. And if a document or folder is omitted by this composite key, it will be directly and permanently removed.

Ctrl+N: Create a new file.

Ctrl+O: Open the dialog box of Open File.

Ctrl+P: Open the Print dialog box.

Ctrl+S: Save the current file.

Ctrl+X: Cut the selected item to Clipboard.

Ctrl+C/ Ctrl+Insert: Copy the selected item to Clipboard.

Ctrl+V/ Ctrl+Insert: Paste Clipboard’s content to the current place.

Ctrl+Z/ Alt+Backspace: Undo the operation of the previous step.

Ctrl+Y: Restore the operation of the previous step.

Alt+Shift+Backspace: Repeat the previous step’s operation that was revoked.

Windows Key+D: Minimize or restore the windows.

Windows Key+U: Open the Auxiliary Tool Manager.

Windows Key+E: Open the Resource Manager.

Windows Key+F: Open the Search dialog box.

Windows Key+R: Open the Run dialog box.

Windows Key+PauseBreak: Open the System dialog box.

Windows Key+Ctrl+F: Open the Search Computers dialog box.

Shift+F10: Open the context menu of the current active project.

Alt+F4: Close the current application.

Ctrl+F4: Close the current text in the current application.

Alt+Spacebar: Open the menu on the left upper corner of the program.

Alt+Tab/Esc: Switch to another current program.

Print Screen: Copy the current screen in the form of image to the clipboard.

Alt+Print Screen: Copy the window of current application in the form of image to the clipboard.

The hot keys and composite keys listed above are frequently used and will definitely improve your working efficiency.


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