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iOS 8 Data Recovery – How to Recover Lost Data for iOS 8 Device

Have you ever lost files from your iPhone because of various reasons? Data loss is an unpleasant matter. Besides losing important files, it costs lots of your time and energy to get them back. But if it really happens, don’t be panic. Even though preventing iOS data loss seems more important than recovering iOS data, […]

Three Ways to Restore Lost Data from iPhone/iPad/iPod after iOS Upgrade

I just found my iOS device data lost, because the device was updated to iOS 8.1. What can I do to restore lost data? Refer to iOS upgrade, as is known, all the data on iOS device would be erased with the upgrade. So before updating iOS to newest version, it is recommended to make […]

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How to Erase iPhone Data and Settings in Two Situations

When you prepare to give away the old iPhone or send or sell it to others When your iPhone is stolen or lost, you want to keep data in iPhone safe When you just get a second-hand iPhone Erase iPhone and turn it back to factory default settings is necessary and important for us. In […]

How to Choose Backup Method | iTunes VS iCloud

Once upon a time, maybe you have been accustomed to connecting your iOS device to back up data on it. No one would care about this problem, how to choose backup method. Because there is only one method, so you never feel confused. However, with the upgrade of iOS, another backup method iCloud appears. In […]

How Do I Unlock My iPad Air 2 without iTunes

My iPad Air 2 is locked because passcode forgot. How to unlock my iPad Air 2 when iPad cannot be opened in iTunes? This problem seems so tough. But don’t worry. There is always a way for it. Way 1: Try to Guess Passcode or Use Touch ID The first way I think is still […]

Easy Way to Recover iPad Mini Forgotten Backup Password

I feel so helpless because iPad backup password has been changed by me. But I forgot it. How can I recover my iPad Mini forgotten backup password? I need the backup now. Maybe you have looked for ways in Internet by yourself. Moreover, someone factory reset iPad to remove backup password when they have no […]

How to Restore Encrypted Data from iTunes to iPad

When I connected my iPad to computer in iTunes, I restored my iPad to factory settings with click error. How can I do? All of things ever saved on iPad have been deleted. I think there are still backups in computer, so I tried to restore iPad from iTunes backup. But unfortunately, they are encrypted […]

How to Unlock Locked iPad/iPhone/iPod after Passcode Forgot

I have forgotten iPad passcode, so now it is locked with passcode. How to unlock my iPad or reset iPad forgotten passcode? First, you have to realize you can unlock iPad after passcode forgot. Second, you can remove passcode by restoring iPad from backup or directly restore it to factory settings. These ways are also […]

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How to Factory Reset iPad with or without iTunes

Restore iPad to factory settings can fix nearly any problem you have with iPad software. So now in the following passage, two ways are introduced how to factory reset iPad with or without iTunes. At most of time, they are available to iPhone and iPod. Way 1: Factory Reset iPad in Home Screen without iTunes […]

How to Disable iPhone Backup Forgotten Password

My iPhone backup is protected with password. How can I disable iPhone backup password and restore iPhone from backup? Firstly we have to realize and analyze the situations we face, such as whether we forgot iPhone backup password or not. And then we can take appropriate measures to disable backup password. Even though your iPhone backup password […]

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