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How to get into a Windows 7 computer with boot disk

Cannot login to Windows 7 because forgot password? How to get into locked Windows 7 computer without password? Well, there seems to be command prompt to reset Windows 7 password. However, it works only with admin account because you need to login to Windows 7 first and reset Windows 7 password with Command Prompt later.
Fortunately, iSunshare Windows 7 password recovery tool provides us a boot disk. Using boot disk, we can get into Windows 7 easily.

At first, Get ISO file with Windows 7 password recovery tool

We have to download Windows 7 password recovery tool and install it following wizard on accessible computer. After installation completed, you will find a ISO file in the installation directory.


Second, Burn ISO file into CD drive

The ISO file is just the original file of boot disk. But if we want to get into your Windows 7 computer, we have to burn it into a drive. So we can boot locked Windows 7 computer from boot disk drive. UltraISO program helps you to burn disk. If you can’t find burning program, Windows 7 password recovery tool also contains the function burning boot disk.


Third, Connect the boot disk drive (burned CD) with locked Windows 7 computer

Connect boot disk with locked Windows 7 computer means that set locked computer boot from boot disk drive. Turn on the computer, and get it to boot from CD. In order to do this, we have to change the boot sequence of boot options. Select CD-ROM Drive as the first boot option. If you have any questions about this, refer to how to set computer to boot from CD/DVD ROM.


Fourth, Reset Windows 7 password with boot disk

Before the reset password program appears, you can see Windows 7 computer download with Windows PE system. It is why boot disk could reset Windows 7 password. WinPE boot disk reset Windows password by breaking into SAM database and remove Windows password from SAM.

Choose account you want to reset its password and click Reset Windows password. Then the account’s password becomes to be blank. Reboot Windows 7, you can get into locked Windows 7 computer successfully.


Tips: You can keep the boot disk safe, and it can used to reset Windows 7 password for all of computer.

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