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Windows 10 Forgot PIN, How to Reset or Remove It?

Windows 10 PIN works like a password that can lock a Windows 10 computer. While your Windows 10 forgot PIN, you can guess and try several times. But if it is still incorrect, your device will be locked. At this moment, you just could sign in your Windows 10 with local account or Microsoft account password, and reset or remove forgotten PIN in Windows 10.

Steps to reset/remove forgotten PIN in Windows 10

Step 1: Sign in Windows 10 with local or Microsoft account

If you are completely locked out of Windows 10 computer and can't login with any sign-in options, please take iSunshare Windows 10 Password Genius to reset forgotten password for local/Microsoft account at first. Then access Windows 10 computer with local or Microsoft account.

sign in with local or microsoft account


Step 2: Reset or remove forgotten PIN in Windows 10

Click Start menu and go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in Options. And click the link "I forgot my PIN" under PIN, to reset or remove forgotten PIN in Windows 10 by following the wizard. Note that the password reset procedures differ between Microsoft account and local account logon.

forgot windows 10 pin

Case 1: While you signed in Windows 10 with local account

1. Enter current local account password to verify it and click OK.

verify current account password

2. Type a 4 digit number to reset PIN in Windows 10 and click OK. Or let the fields blank to remove forgotten PIN and click Cancel to confirm.

reset pin in windows 10

remove pin code in windows 10

Case 2: While you signed in Windows 10 with Microsoft account

A pop-up dialog will ask you "Are you sure you forgot your PIN", click "Continue" button. And verify your Microsoft account password via security code you receive throught email or phone at first. And then you could reset or remove forgotten Windows 10 PIN.

confirm windows 10 pin forgot

1. Enter the security code you receive to verify Microsoft account.

verify current microsoft account via security code

2. Reset PIN code in Windows 10 after logon with Microsoft account.

reset pin code while logon with microsoft account


As you know above, if you've forgotten Windows 10 PIN, you can reset or remove it easily so long as you can log on with local account or Microsoft account. If you also forgot Windows 10 local or Microsoft account password, iSunshare Windows 10 Password Genius will help you reset or remove it firstly.


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