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How to Remove Microsoft Surface 2 Password

When lost Window 8.1 user password on Microsoft Surface 2, how to remove Surface 2 user password to login Windows computer?

1st: Access Control Panel to Remove Surface 2 Password

Control Panel access requires users to login Windows first. So only when you remember the Surface user password, could you remove Surface 2 password in Control Panel.

1. Access Control Panel after you lost Windows 8.1 password on Microsoft Surface 2.

2. Navigate to Manage Accounts, and double-click one user you want to remove its password.

3. On Change an Account screen, select Change the password.

change surface 2 user account

Type current Surface user password and let New password and Confirm new password box blank, and then click "Change password".

remove surface user password

2nd: Remove Surface 2 Lost Password with Reset Disk

Undoubtedly, password reset disk is the best way to easily and safely solve Windows password forgot problem. So if you have created one reset disk before Surface 2 password lost, take it to remove Surface 2 lost password.

Plug password reset disk into laptop and click "Reset Password" button on Surface 2 logon screen.

1. Password Reset Wzard runs. Click "Next" button.

2. Select inserted password reset disk and click "Next".

select password reset disk for surface 2

3. In password reset window, let new password box blank, and click OK.

4. Click Next and OK to finish Surface 2 password remove.

3rd: Remove Windows 8.1 Pro Password with Tool on Surface 2

Windows password recovery tool is an effective way that could guarantee on removing Windows password successfully. So when you couldn't find other better ways to remove Surface 2 Windows 8.1 lost password, password recovery tool, such as Windows Password Genius is a good choice.

  1. Take Windows Password Genius Advanced version and install it on accessible computer.
  2. Run it and burn password reset disk into bootable USB drive.
  3. Plug password reset disk into Surface 2 and boot Surface from USB drive.
  4. Select Windows system and user on that system, and click Reset Password button to remove Windows password on Surface 2.

More details, go to see how to reset Surface password with Windows Password Genius Advanced.

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