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Enforce Password History | No Old Passwords Reused

To enhance safety, many people will change passwords for the user accounts in their computers regularly or irregularly. Due to the increase of revision times, some of them might unintentionally reuse the old passwords, which undoubtedly reduces security. Thus, the method to avoid such fault must be found and put into practice. In this text, you will learn how to make sure no old passwords are reused by enforcing password history.

Video guide on how to enforce password history on Windows 8:

Steps to enforce password history in Windows 8/8.1:

Step 1: Open Local Group Policy Editor.

Step 2: Locate the policy named "Enforce password history".

More specifically speaking, you can find it in Computer Configuration/Windows Settings/Security Settings/Account Policies/Password Policy.

Step 3: Right-click Enforce password history and select Properties to access its properties.

Step 4: In the policy's properties dialog box, use the small up arrow or down arrow to set the number of passwords remembered, and click OK.


1. You can also input a value directly.
2. The value must be between 0 and 24.

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