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Bypass Forgotten Windows Password for Automatic Login

How to bypass Windows password and automatically login Windows computer after password forgot?

To solve this problem, we should consider some different cases we probably met.

Case 1: Have enabled built-in administrator for login computer without password

First, you should know not all Windows users need to type their password at login, such as built-in administrator. When you could choose it on logon screen, you would bypass the step of entering password and directly access computer.

Case 2: just forgot Windows login password

Second, if it is only login password forgot and you have another administrator, you can choose another administrator to login computer and remove login user password with command prompt. Then you could also bypass forgotten password to login Windows computer from then on.

Case 3: forgot the only Windows administrator password

Third, if it is your only administrator password forgot, then you would need to remove forgotten password from locked computer and you could bypass forgotten administrator password to automatically login.

Remove Windows forgotten password easily with iSunshare tool

Fortunately, even though you forgot the only user password to login computer, you still could remove the forgotten password from your computer with powerful password recovery tool, iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced.

Step 1: Take an accessible computer to install and run iSunshare tool.

To install and run iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced, you should find another computer you can access and burn password recovery disk on. And now we choose the Advanced edition just because it has applied to newest Windows system password remove.

take accessible computer to run isunshare password tool

Step 2: Burn the iSunshare password tool into bootable removal device.

As long as the removal device is writable and bootable, you can use it to burn iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced. Usually, we choose common USB flash drive (or CD/DVD-ROM) to plug it into accessible computer. Then select it and click Begin burning button on iSunshare tool to burn Windows Password Genius Advanced program into USB flash drive.

burn isunshare password tool into removal usb

When it is burned into USB flash drive successfully, you would get a USB password reset disk, which you can use to remove or reset Windows forgotten password.

Step 3: Boot locked computer from USB password remove disk.

Connect your locked computer and USB password reset disk. And start locked computer to enter its BIOS Settings where you can change boot order and choose to boot computer from USB flash drive. When this comes true, iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced program would run on your locked computer and list all Windows user accounts.

boot computer from usb password remove disk

Step 4: Remove forgotten Windows administrator password from computer.

Select the administrator on Windows Password Genius Advanced user list, and click Reset Password button. Then tap "Yes" to confirm you would remove administrator forgotten password. At last administrator password becomes blank.

remove forgotten windows administrator password

Bypass Windows forgotten administrator password to login computer automatically

bypass windows forgotten administrator password to login

After you remove forgotten administrator password with Windows Password Genius Advanced, please continue do like this. Otherwise, you would need to remove password again with iSunshare tool on locked computer.

1. Tap on Reboot button on Windows Password Genius Advanced.

2. Immediately drop USB password reset disk out from locked computer.

3. Locked computer would automatically boots from hard drive.

4. On logon screen, select the administrator you have removed password and sign in computer without password. It means you have could bypass forgotten Windows password to login automatically.

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