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How to Open Encrypted RAR File on Windows 7

You may be in the face of such situation: Once you have compressed an encrypted secret papers in purpose of security and saving storage, but one day when you want to look up it, however hard you think of password and whatever you try, you still can’t open encrypted rar archive. You may be in […]

Bypass Windows 8 Login password – Sign in Windows automatically

How to bypass Windows 8 login password and sign in Windows 8 automatically? Even though Windows 8 password setup can help us to protect our personal data in public places, but if we are at home, it’s not necessary to enter password when start computer every time. Therefore, we could try to bypass or cancel […]

How do I find my forgotten passwords on my computer Windows 8

Forgot my Windows 8 password? How do I find my forgotten passwords on my computer Windows 8? There is only one local account, a Microsoft account, a picture password and a PIN code for my computer Windows 8. Actually, that is enough to find out forgotten Windows 8 passwords. Way One: Sign in with PIN […]

Locked out of Computer Windows 7 | How to Unlock Locked Computer

I am locked out of computer installed with Windows 7. How to get into my locked computer? Three effective methods are provided in this post.

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